It’s the Little Things

A mishap or “crisis” can cause our field of vision to narrow and focus on that one big thing alone. In the big picture, it’s positive, little things in the day that far outweigh the big bad circumstances.

Going grocery shopping with my daughter. Watching a group of eight year old girls learn how to play basketball. Princess granddaughter endless declaration “I love you grandma!” Hubby fixing dinner. A phone call from Brian who is on his way home from the dentist. Buying coffee for the person behind me in the Starbucks drive-thru. Four bags of Old Dutch Dill pickle chips that Captain my Captain and Blossom brought home from their trip to Rapid City yesterday. My granddaughter Warrior Girl toddling up to me and putting an arm around my leg and giving me a baby hug. Photos of family scattered around the house where I can see a smile or a wave from someone I love. Coming in from the cold to stand in front of the fireplace to warm up. Just a few things from my week. All small. All significant because they made me happy.

During the day it can be a challenge to find things to be thankful for. It seems I always need to work at enjoying those small moments in time. Who doesn’t? Once I get overwhelmed it’s work to take a step back and look over everything else and realize those warm, fuzzy snippets of my day add up to a lot of smiling and a lot of happiness.

Sitting here in the quiet, I’m enjoying ice cold water from my favorite water bottle and looking back at my week. It’s just what I needed. With a smile on my face, I’m taking the time to write it down to remind myself how important it is to take pleasure in the memories of the little things in life.


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