Giving Thanks

Sometimes the words of others serve to inspire or make me stop and think. Some of my facebook friends are posting daily about what they are thankful for. With Thanksgiving next week it’s a wonderful idea to spend time giving thanks for the things big and small that impact daily life. I may not be posting my thanks but I am thankful for so much and in turn, I am thankful to my friends for sharing with me (and others) the special moments in their lives.

Here are some that I found inspiring, thought provoking or just made me smile. Names aren’t important but the words are.

today I am very thankful that I have a warm home with a comfortable bed. It’s cold outside. Many people are homeless.

today I am thankful for the convenience of our grocery stores! We are very spoiled as compared to the good ole days!!

I am thankful for my own resourcefulness:))

Today and every day am thankful for my precious husband.

Every day should be a day of thanksgiving.

is thankful for compassionate people.

today I am very thankful that I have food in my belly, cupboards, and refrigerator for many people all around the world are starving.

today I am very thankful to have so many wonderful things planned for today.

today I’m thankful for a snoring husband…at least he’s beside me:))

today I am very thankful that my hubby is smoke’n some delicious food today for his work buddies. I know I will not have to make dinner tonight.

Today I am thankful for the courage to do what I know is right.

Today I am very thankful for all of the wonderful friends I have in my life. I have many friends that I don’t see too often only cause you live to far.

Today I’m thankful for all of my friends. Friends who are down the street or far away; friends I’ve known from childhood and friends who are brand new; friends I’ve never met face to face and friends I know by heart.

Friends take away loneliness and shine light on our path so we don’t stumble.  Friendship is a special love God gave us to share with anyone we are willing to listen to in confidence, laugh and cry with, celebrate with or complain to and be available whenever and wherever we are needed.

Thank God for giving me friends, and entrusting me to BE a friend.



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