Losing the Keys

Father Tim, our associate pastor preached a wonderful sermon Sunday morning about the gifts of emulating the habits and sacrifices of the Holy Family. There are lessons to be learned for moms from the Blessed Mother and for dads from St. Joseph. Sacrificing yourself for your family like Mary did when she said “yes” to God’s call to be the Mother of His Son, Jesus. Sacrificing yourself for your family like Joseph did when he made the decision to live his life by faith and trust in God’s plan.

Apparently following the example and lives of Mary and Joseph is easier said than done. This beautiful sermon went into my brain and left a mark. Yes, it indeed left a mark, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here now peeling away the layers that drifted over as soon as I left the church. You see, the devil has a way of stepping in the way of important, necessary messages. He put obstacles in my path and threw a mirror in front of me so I would immediately begin to focus on poor little me.

I left behind the keys I needed to fully benefit from the gifts. It was the additional message to find the time for regular prayer and silence away from the clatter and noise of daily life to ask for guidance and hear the answers. Leaving prayer behind when I try to move my life toward a closer relationship with God is like forgetting the keys to my car and expecting it to start.

I realized the error in the process, and have gone back inside to pick up the keys. Praying is a habit and I find when I lose the habit, I truly have lost the keys to the car that can take me on a remarkable journey. If I take for granted God is going to supply everything I need without asking, without prayer, without the keys, I’m just stuck sitting in the dark garage wishing I could go somewhere. I get frustrated, angry and depressed because I’m just sitting in one place, going nowhere.

Today is a new day, and with this new day I’m getting ready to get back on the road to experience amazing things, see wondrous sights and bask in the light of The Son.

I have my keys.

Ready, set, GO!


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