Turn Around

Hey! Turn around! You can’t keep looking back, because what’s back there is never going to change. It’s never going to be different and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. What you’re tripping and stumbling over is your life. It keeps happening. Small thing and big things move over, under and around and life moves forward not backward.

Quit looking so far back, trying to see over what’s just happened or pushing aside what IS happening. Oh, you see those things, but what you really want is to keep gazing and staring into a time that’s far, far out of reach. You’re missing out on the details of life and when you look back at what’s just happened you’re already forgetting the nuances, the beauty, the realness of life continuing on around you.

It’s gone! It’s done! Leave that ancient crap back there where it is; dead and buried. If it keeps getting dug up the stench just gets worse and worse. The decay is overwhelming, but you don’t perceive it anymore. You just keep looking at it and wondering why you can’t get rid of it.

Turn around, for the love of God! Just turn around and see what’s in front of you! If you keep looking behind all you get to see is what has already happened and you never get to savor and anticipate what is to come. Live in the moment! Such a worn out platitude but seriously, live in the moment for a change.

Tossing off that heavy carcass you keep dragging around will compel you to turn around. Once you see it lying there dead, lifeless, and not worthy of so much effort, so much grief, so much pain,  YOUR life can begin.


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