How’s the Weather?

For those who live in Wyoming or have experienced Wyoming on a long-term, intimate level, you know the expression “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” most certainly was coined by a Wyomingite (yes Wyoming-“ite” not Wyoming-“an”/”ian” which just sounds too silly).

A story shared by my hubby “Captain my Captain” help put the weather we have into bold perspective. On the computers at work they have an intranet which utilized sanitized, scanned and guaranteed virus free widgets and gadgets; one being for the weather. A visitor to the office wondered aloud what how the weather was so one of the “administrative assistants” (a secretary in my old-fashioned world) checked her computer screen and sees the weather widget says “F & Cloudy” and tells the visitor just that, “It’s F ‘n Cloudy”. All had a good chuckle.

As Captain my Captain tells me the story I think, this is Wyoming weather forecasting at it’s best. To the untrained non-Wyomingite “F &” equals “Fair and”. In the language of Wyoming, it’s”F___ ‘n”, so when it F & Cloudy, or F & Breezy, well you get the picture. It brilliantly describes Wyoming weather and the forecasters and weather geniuses inability to correctly portray it. Only in Wyoming can the weather gods say “fair and breezy” (as it does at this exact moment)

and have the wind blowing at 23 MPH and gusting 38 MPH. Yes a wind that will knock over a petite gal (such as me) is classified as a breeze.

It’s all relative in the grand scheme of things. My best weather predictor is to stick my finger in my mouth and hold it up and say “yep! It’s a bit breezy” and then look at that stack of black clouds looming over the horizon in an angry wave and say

“looks like it’s gonna rain !” Meteorologist smeteorologist! Who needs ’em! They think “F” means fair.


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