Movie Eyes & Nursery Rhymes

Sitting with mommy time is special. I get to snuggle into the cave of her arm as she reads and teaches me. Reading is like a picture I can see behind my eyes like a movie. I smile as I watch and listen. Mommy is like a warm blanket with a familiar smell; I am happy and cozy gathered into the nook of her arm cave, covered in her comfort.

Learning is hard! It makes my head feel jumbly and full when I try to remember the rhyme. I scrunch up my eyes and eye brows so I can see the rhyme with my movie eyes and remember how the words go together. Each time it gets easier. “One two buckle my shoe” and my head starts to feel softer and a little bit cleaned up.

Then mommy surprises me when she puts more words on. “Three four shut the door!”

“I didn’t know there would be more!”

She says “Oh yes there is more”and says the WHOLE rhyme really fast and silly so it’s almost like a dance. I tip my head side to side as she says the silly dancing words and I forget after One two buckle my shoe but silly mommy makes it fun. She does some more teaching and I do more remembering.

Three four shut the door! This time it’s a little easier because I think back to how it felt when I figured out, One two buckle my shoe. I still have to get scrunchy and sometimes my head fills up so far it seems to push out on my ears and eyes, but mommy can tell because I get tired and grumpy. Then we stop for glasses of green Kool-aid and crackers.

Each time more stays in my head. I think,  ‘this is counting!’ and, some words sound the same;  the same but different, like sisters. Two and shoe! Wow! My head isn’t so full this time. I know One two buckle my shoe. Three four shut the door!

“What’s next mommy?”

“Five six pick up sticks. Seven eight lay them straight.”

My head keeps it in really fast and easy. Kind of like when you sort of accidentally step in really thick mud, and your shoes get so stuck they come off. Then mommy gives me the rest

“Nine ten a big fat hen!

That’s so funny! My movie eyes can see and remember that ending.

Now I don’t need the movie. I know the rhyme and say it fast like mommy. I skip and dance, steps and words together “One two buckle my shoe! Three four shut the door! Fivesix pick up sticks! Seven eight lay them straight! NINE TEN A BIG FAT HEN!”  I do it over and over until I have to stop because my throat and chest are tired and I my breath is fast in and out, so I run to the kitchen an ask mommy for a glass of green kool-aid.

This post was written for the RemembeRED “prompt”  at red dress club and is a memory written as fiction.

This week’s memoir prompt asked you to dig deep to find what, from your childhood, you still know from heart.

I still remember all those rhymes you did while slapping hands with a friend, like Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack all dressed in black black black.

What do YOU remember?


Linking up today with “The Lightning and The Lightning Bug” for Dare to Share: Something Old. I picked one of my first prompt posts that I enjoyed writing from a small child’s perspective.


5 comments on “Movie Eyes & Nursery Rhymes

  1. You brought me back in time to a lovely space. Thank your for sharing!


  2. May says:

    The green koolaid…I didn’t even remember they made green! I love the closeness of the mother and child. Loved those days!


  3. I enjoyed the first person perspective of a child here. Very sweet.


  4. Katie says:

    Loved this, the sweetness and familiarity of it all. The child’s enthusiasm was just lovely. Nicely done. And I loved the details of “green koolaid” and movie eyes. Nice touches.

    Thanks for linking this up!


    • debseeman says:

      Thanks Katie. I’m so glad you have us the opportunity to put some of our old stuff and for me that means some of my first posts. Loved the prompt that inspired me to write this.


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