Dancing with Diane

I walked around in a grey dreary fog for a large portion of my Jr. High years. I was so lumpy and globby and just seemed to ooze through the round and the square peg holes. What I needed was a little substance, some concrete to form me into something. My concrete was Diane.

I don’t remember where or how we found each other. Perhaps her concrete just fell into my glob. Whatever it was I needed it. The form we took held strong because we are still best friends.

She had a way of walking and an air of confidence I envied. She was a dancer and dancers have a way of making every step become a part of the beat of life. Her dance wasn’t simply living but surviving. Difficulty would arise, and a side step here, a twirl there would frequently end in something marvelous. If it wasn’t marvelous, it was at least a dance you could step back and admire for it’s creativity and originality. I stopped stumbling long enough for her to teach me a step or two.If dance failed her then words didn’t. Words for conversing or words for creating. I’ve always loved to read and write. Writing takes me inward to the turmoil of my emotions where I can express whereas outward I’m often rendered speechless.  Somehow I found myself signed up for Speech and Debate team and I can surely tell you it wasn’t my idea. But Diane did it, so I did it. It was an alien world where it was not uncommon to be caught up from behind and “Polka’d” down the halls by a Humor guy.

Because she reminds me of Diane.

Watching and listening to her drama rounds had me mesmerized by the weave and tone of her voice. She captured me in the playwright’s plot so my heart would suffer the slashing wounds of a tormented character or feel the burst of blindness that  anger wrought on another.

Loyalty. Diane is Loyalty. I’ve never known it her way from anyone else. Her’s is the kind where she decides you’re worth it even when you decide walking on shards of glass in your bare feet is a good thing. She’s that loyal person on the other side of the pit of glass waiting with bandaids and mercuric because you know you have to have a little sting after you do something stupid. One definition of loyalty is “A strong feeling of support or allegiance.” I learned from her the definition fell far short because for her, strong is a weak word. Throw in a few more synonyms and you might have it. Perhaps staunch and tenacious.

Losing her physically and emotionally for years drained her concrete from me and I once again became lumpy and globby. We “lost” each other twice when she moved and addresses and phone numbers were forgotten, lost or neglected. The loyalty she gave me and in turn taught me found me being staunch and tenacious as I searched for and found her. Now I know she’s within the reach of my laptop where “social networking” has become the strands of the web that tie us together over miles and years.

Our form is solid but not hard. We have an ebb and flow but it neither swamps or erodes. There is a peace and comfort taken from knowing this beautiful woman. She has blessed many who have wandered across her path. Some were oblivious to the gift they missed and some of us stopped and joined in her dance.


RemembeRED writing prompt from a couple of weeks ago said:

This week we asked you to write about a person from your past…but the story had to include YOU.

We gave you the starting point of “His/her name was _______, and looking back now, I realize….”

Let’s see how you did!

I missed the deadline to link it to their website, but I wanted to finish and here is my homage to my best friend Diane.


5 comments on “Dancing with Diane

  1. Anastasia says:

    That is so great that you are still friends.


  2. This is so wonderfully descriptive. At first I thought you meant you were overweight in school, but then you pulled me right in and i almost saw you as walking with a vibration because you weren’t a solid mass. She did that for you, plugged you into your world. Which is just great.
    Glad you finished the piece, and added it to the weekend linkup!


  3. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I am glad you were able to find her. She sounds like a special friend.


  4. Geoff Waldron says:

    That the sweetest and most heartfelt dedication I have ever heard or read and I agree wholeheartedly !!!


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