Sunny Side Up With a Side of Toast

The question is the same most mornings when the girls arrive.

“What do you want for breakfast?”

Most mornings the answer is the same.

“Dippin’ eggs!” for one and “Toast!” for the other.

Sunshine streaming through the windows on a cold Spring morning left a path of warmth across the floor. Inviting and irresistible to a pair of well fed happy toddlers. The wishful thinking of days to come where they can pour themselves into the sunlight brought to their inventive little minds the best part of warm weather.

“We gonna have a picnic Grandma!”

Bossy, directions given by the elder and a bit of pointing an babbling from the younger. Blankies get arranged and rearranged in the midst of the sun’s patches and puzzle pieces. Then laying down to gaze up into grand view of the ceiling fan in the vault with giggles brimming out of the teapot of imagination and squeals of glee breaking the icy panes of a day closer to winter.

Only a slice of toast left from the morning breakfast fare but a feast of happiness created from the fanciful dreaming of a three year old and her little sister.


This post is A “Magic Moment” inspired from and linked up to Things I Can’t Share

A Magic Moment is a moment you are so happy to have captured on camera.


4 comments on “Sunny Side Up With a Side of Toast

  1. Making It says:

    Oh they are perfect! A magic moment to remember forever.
    Stopping by from Shell’s


  2. Sorry some button before I got all my info in!


  3. Shell says:

    Oh, they are so darling!


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