Downy Edges

Bold, commanding and seemingly big as a redwood, towering over all. Chiseled in squares and triangles with strength like Hercules. The core, a downy soft nest, surprising because it contrasts so completely.  The angles and edges contain a stalwart, reliable and sure like a rainbow after a rainstorm but carefree like puddle splashing. Contemplated, voids are found shaped to hold another safe and warm.Time has decreased the sharpness and rounded the corners like wind carving a cliff. The flowing smoothness matches the tender fluffy within but the sureness and strength of the angles always remain.


I took this prompt VERY seriously (probably too much so; that’s just how I am)  and made sure I didn’t give away if the description is person, place or thing. After posting, I decided to add a scroll down for the answer. If you want to guess without seeing, post your comment before peeking.

This week WriteOnEdge’s Galit asked you to conjure something. An object, a person, a feeling, a color, a season- whatever you like.

But don’t tell us what it is, conjure it. In 100 words.

Who do YOU think I “conjured” ? Leave your guess in a comment.



















What am I writing about?                                                                                                             My strong, loving and fun Dad. He’s my rock and my soft place to fall.









11 comments on “Downy Edges

  1. CDG says:

    I really enjoyed this because it was evocative without giving up all its secrets. I don’t know what exactly you meant to conjure, but your images conjured something very specific and lovely for me.


    • debseeman says:

      It’s kind of hard to describe too much without actually giving it away. After this has “run its course” I am going edit to include the answer in the post. I’ll do one of those loooooong blank scrolls so future readers have to think a bit before they get the answer 🙂


  2. angela says:

    This was so beautifully written, and I enjoyed reading it, the contrasts between softness and strength were well done. I don’t know what you meant to conjure, but it doesn’t matter too much to me. I just liked it!


    • debseeman says:

      What I was trying to describe is both and I’m glad you like it. Thank you for your comments and coming over and reading my post.


  3. January says:

    This was amazingly written and made me crazy curious to know what it was you were writing about….your Dad. How beautiful is that!?


  4. Tina says:

    Whoa! That was GREAT!!! I loved it, and no, I didn’t come even close to guessing!


  5. Dad says:

    Debbie, dad here…

    When I read this I wanted to put into words how I felt about your blog.
    You are an amazing daughter and I am so very proud of you. My
    love and admiration for you are unending…you are my first born
    child, and there is a warm soft place in my heart for you. I have always believed
    in you and admired your ability to put your heart into words..What
    an honor to read your blog and think that it is about ME!

    Mom and I love the many times spent with you discussing all the
    important issues and it seems like we never run out of anything to
    talk about. Hours go by and we are still talking and talking. When you
    came to the Casper hospital to be with Mom, I had a sense of peace that
    you would be there for her during a very difficult time for her and for me.
    That was such a blessing for us.

    God Bless you sweetie…much love from Dad


  6. Katrina says:

    This is so beautifully written. After reading and then learning who you were portraying… and reading again. Yes! You really captured Grandpa.


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