Predictable Anticipation

The doorbell rang. Cursing because she had to run downstairs to answer it. She had just settled down with her laptop, her blog, Facebook and the comforting  red jeweled glass of Merlot.

The day had been wound up from the moment she launched out of bed realizing the alarm had critically failed to wake her. Adrenalin setting her onto that course your brain and body know by heart when you have “alarm clock failure”. The routine was put on auto-pilot and she found herself walking out the door 20 minutes later showered, dressed and adequately beautified albeit, with wet hair pulled into a ponytail.

The damn weatherman was predicting snow and so much had to be accomplish. There was no way to know when it would actually start since forecasts are as reliable as asking the neighbors Pomeranian to predict it. The grocery store was wide-spread chaos with the “Oh my gosh I’m going to get snowed in crowd” panicking in the milk and meat aisles. She fought her way through the pandemonium and found a carton of organic milk, a can of frozen orange juice and whooped when she grabbed the last ham. With a few more necessities for dinner she flew to the checkstand, only to wait with the other shoppers who chatted manically about the impending storm.

Thankful for the training her momma had provided, she put out all the “fires” and tidied up the house then contemplated the view outside. The horizon, heavy and gray with the load it bore, rolled in like an ocean swell and she wondered why she bothered and dragged herself to her chair.

Aggravated by the bell, she pattered down the stairs to the entry, opened the door to the smile, the flowers and that face, and the snow began to fall.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m linking up with Write On Edge for Red Writing Hood’s prompt:

We’d like you to craft a piece of fiction or creative non-fiction around the holiday season, keeping in mind that for some people “the holiday season” begins around Halloween and doesn’t end until well after the New Year is underway.

The piece should begin with “The doorbell rang” and end with “snow began to fall.


7 comments on “Predictable Anticipation

  1. Very nice! And, I like the new blog. I am considering…


  2. Cameron says:

    “a horizon heavy and gray with the load it bore”

    I love that image. With Angela’s thoughts about active/passive voice in mind, I wish that gorgeous phrase took an active role in that sentence.

    Also? Who’s at the door??? 🙂


  3. Kelly says:

    The chaos at the grocery store before a big storm…you captured perfectly. And like Cameron, my favorite line in the whole piece: “The horizon, heavy and gray with the load it bore, rolled in like an ocean swell…” simply stunning.


    • debseeman says:

      Thanks Kelly! Those who have experienced grocery stores at that time know it’s no exaggeration. I’m glad the edits made that line even better. Thanks for visiting!


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