Good(ie) Will to All!

It’s been years since I made Christmas goodies. Please read that again. It’s been years since I made Christmas goodies!

I began following RecipeGirl on Facebook and have enjoyed the wonderful recipes she posts. Then she started posting Christmas goodies recipes. Cookies, peanut brittle and FUDGE! She posted a recipe for Fantasy Fudge and she “commented Super simple fudge recipe- all done in the microwave!” Well, she had me at fudge and then she pushed me over the edge with microwave. THEN she had the nerve to post a recipe for CINNAMON FUDGE and that was all it took to send me into a cooking frenzy.

Thus began the Christmas goodie cook off and the sugar plums danced in my head as I decided I couldn’t stop at fudge I had to make the treats I had made every year for so many years. I quit the annual treat orgy due to expanding waistline , laziness a cease and desist in the family basket exchange. The list came out so I could procure the necessary ingredients for Fantasy Fudge, Cinnamon Fudge, Spritz Cookies, Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Ritz Cookies, Chocolate Mint Ritz Cookies, Chocolate and Vanilla Dipped Pretzels.

Yep. All That.

The shopping netted a dining table full of ingredients and the cooking began with the Fantasy Fudge. Ten minutes later, the fudge was in the pan cooling. What? Ten minutes? Then a preparing of the ingredients for the Cinnamon Fudge which I decided to do in the microwave as well and guess what? TEN MINUTES LATER I had a pan of Cinnamon Fudge!

The Spritz cookies began with a good amount of bragging on Facebook at the awesomeness of the fact that I still had my Super Shooter circa 1990 and planned to use it to make my favorite Christmas cookie.

Almost awesome Super Shooter

We all know what happens to people who brag right? They fall and they fall hard. Don’t be harsh because I bragged. The fact is  my Super Shooter was a Zero Shooter. Dead On Assembly. A hurried trip to our local cooking store and I had a new electric cookie press and the cookies were done, divine and delicious (as always).

Done, Delicious and Divine! L to R Chocolate Fudge - Spritz Cookies - Cinnamon Fudge

After a days rest (all creators do this right?) Blossom and I kick phase two of Christmas Goodie into gear. She peanut butters two sleeves of Ritz crackers and I mint frost the other two sleeves. Chocolate melted in microwave, and “held” to the perfect temp with a heating pad underneath the bowl (thanks Alton Brown!), we dipped, dipped and dipped some more. I using the rest of the warm chocolate, I dipped pretzels.

All Dipped and ready to Dive In To!

Mint Slashes!

I was even clever enough to make a mark on the Mint Ritz so we would know which were Mint and which were Peanut Butter.

With an abundance of Christmas goodies and three of us to eat them, tins will be  assembled and treats will be shared. After all, giving is good for the soul and Christmas is the season of Good(ie) Will to All.

Merry Christmas!


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