Racing Aggravation

Exasperated and wide awake, Emma hurled the book. Now past midnight, she was amped, couldn’t quiet her thinking.  She swung her feet down, sat on edge of her chair, and briskly rubbed her hands together.  Her brain had a pins and needles sensation and was making her body edgy like she could run a marathon. Jumping up she bounced around in a strange dance; half shadow boxing and half mosh pit.

“Go outside. Night air.” she thought. Struggling into her shoes she slipped out the front door and continued her erratic dance under the moonlight. She found herself on the sidewalk that disappeared into the velvety blackness of the night  and her feet began to move, taking over the shadow boxing.

Her feet broke the silent sleeping neighborhood as they pat patted in an easy stride. She could hear the air whispering, and felt her hair fluttering away as her legs and feet carried her away faster and faster. Her breathing came sharper and a dampness grew and bloomed from her brow. A stream of sweat, stringy coolness, slid down her chest into her bra. Slick dampened hands clenched as she concentrated on her impulsive decision, bent on making it back without surrendering to the sprouting pain. Emma ran. And ran. And finally the frenzy coursing through her, unchained and released her.

Stumbling into the yard,  bent over as her lungs gasped and burned. She coughed, then sneezed and laughed. She fled the electric tension and discovered  liberation. Limping through the door, collapsing into her chair she pulled her shoes off  discovering puffy blisters on toes and heels. Shuffling to her bedroom, she fell into bed unconcerned with salt crusted skin and sweat damp hair. Emma floated on the edge of sleep and thought, “Shoes. I need a new pair of shoes.”


If you like Emma’s story, you can find more of  her story on the page “The Emma Files“. She is a continuing fiction character. Not sure where she is going. She just keeps going.

Kir gave us a prompt for Red Writing Hood at Write on Edge. Here’s what she came up with:

“The cure for anything is salt water….sweat, tears or the sea.”~Isak Dinesen, pseudonym of Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke

For your Creative Non-Fiction tell us about the last time that one of these three things “cured” you. If you are going with Fiction, have your character resolve a problem using one of the three (or all three!!!). There are so many ways you can use this prompt so be creative with it, don’t take us where we think you’ll go.

Word Limit is 300.

Personally, I never thought of bookish, introverted Emma as a runner and neither did she. Until now.
Write On Edge: Red-Writing-Hood


11 comments on “Racing Aggravation

  1. LOVE the ending! And your voice of course is strong and poetic. You delivered.


  2. lorithatcher says:

    “Go outside. Night air.
    the sidewalk that disappeared into the velvety blackness of the night
    Her feet broke the silent sleeping neighborhood

    Great images. Great photo to illustrate but I already had it in my head. Nice.



  3. RJ says:

    I love it when I can picture myself right there along with the character! 🙂


  4. angela says:

    Nice! I’m a runner, and this made me want to get outside and quiet my thoughts. And I did just order new shoes 🙂 They are not nearly as fancy as those 🙂


    • debseeman says:

      I didn’t draw from personal experience. I am NOT a runner, but I do have three children who run. Two ran cross country in High School, and all three have trained for a marathon with one compete in a full and on in a 1/2. So, while I don’t have the actual experience, I’ve bandaged enough feet and purchased enough pairs of shoes to have a pretty good sense of it.


  5. Tina says:

    I liked your description of her running into the night for release. The little details, such as the blisters, added to the whole picture beautifully.


  6. I’m becoming more drawn in with each piece I read.


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