A Story in A Day

Morning stumble straight for coffee. Thankful, someone else’s job.

A skillet. A sip. An egg. A sip. Breakfast served to the hungry child.

Trekking to dress and prepare. A swipe conceals exhaustion, a brush brightens the facade.

Happy squeals and patter of tiny feet, greetings from the grands showing off dresses, snacks toys.

More eggs. Sippies filled with milk.

More coffee. A drive. A farewell. Back home for play.

A day begins. A humdrum repeats, yet full of delight.

The routine. The normal. The expected.

Motivating, occasionally frustrating.

It’s the same story on a different day.


Linking up with Lance over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog has his “buddy” LeeRoy handing out prompts with the 100 Word Song. This weeks inspiration came from Tracy Chapman’s “Telling Stories”. My creative juices ran slow this week, but it finally flowed and here it is. A day in the life of ME!


3 comments on “A Story in A Day

  1. Lance says:

    Ilove the simplicity of this especially in the last line. This is so strong emotionally. great 100…just great


  2. Cameron says:

    Oh for coffee that someone else made! And a child who’d eat eggs for breakfast…
    Lovely story, Deb.


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