The Emptiness

*****Previous installment of Vivid Black – This Too Shall Pass


Ray sat at Sarah Jane’s desk fighting the demon arguing about snooping in her laptop. The absurdity opened the hatch covering his emotions as he chuckled, then laughed uncontrollably.

Wiping hysterical tears, he reached for the lid and opened the computer. Ray nourished trust so the laptop had no password. Predictable, the password for her journal, kaynalou,  her very first doll she’d had since her first Christmas. As the program opened he looked up and saw Kayna Lou sitting in the middle of her unmade bed.

Words filled his vision. He saw the emptiness inside her as his eyes opened.


Vivid Black gets a new installment thanks to the prompt over at Lance’s “My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog” and his 100 Word Song. Inspiration comes from the song “Grey Street” by Dave Matthews Band which was picked by  Jen Has a Pen.


2 comments on “The Emptiness

  1. Ooo, been there done that. That pesky demon can be quite convincing!


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