**** Previous installment of Vivid Black – “Flight Not Fight”

Predictably crammed in his seat, he marveled at his window seat luck. He faded physically and mentally into the crease. Sleep won easily; dreams provided escape.

He sat across from her at “The Depot”; the fancy go to place for first dates. The silence was perilous and Leta fiddled with the edge of the dazzling white napkin that bore the pink imprint of her lips.

“Listen Ray, Just talk to me nice. Either amuse me or lose me.”

As he awoke he remembered the twinkle in her eye that gave away the firm edge to her mouth. He was hooked.
Lance and LeeRoy got a song. The song “Peel Me A Grape” performed by Dianna Krall was suggested by Eric from Sinistral Scribblings which in turned inspired this addition to Vivid Black in exactly 100 words.

Want to read Vivid Black from the start? Click HERE. Start at the top and work your way to the bottom.

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11 comments on “Amused

  1. Tara R. says:

    LOVE this line, “Either amuse me or lose me.”


  2. barbara says:

    I love that line, too – and, lifted from the song or not, it adds much to the story. 🙂


  3. Eric Storch says:

    Very nice incorporation of the lyrics into your piece. Well done.


  4. Lance says:

    very lyrical and I love the last two lines. excellent 100.

    wanna pick the next song?


  5. Venus says:

    It’s ALL about the twinkle! But my favorite images are actually from your first paragraph… especially “faded…into the crease.” Lovely!


  6. […] are back. Here’s what she dropped on us for Peel Me Like A Grape, it’s called Amused: Deb usually has pretty solid musical tastes and when shetold Leeroy that she wanted us to write […]


  7. k~ says:

    Great incorporation of the lyrics, and a nice addition to your ongoing story 🙂


  8. […] Deb (last week’s winner) via Lance at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. Deb’s song choice? One […]


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