The Stranger Inside

*** Previous installment of Vivid Black – “The Descent


He dropped his bags next to the sink, ran cold water, and splashed the heat behind his eyes. Dripping, he saw his reflection peering back at him. He was surprised, by the stranger he’d never seen before.

I’m not evil. I know I disregard the danger. It’s the job. I often drown in good intention. Hell, what did I do wrong?

Outraged he tore at the paper hanging from the dispenser, getting nothing. Exasperated he grabbed, yanked over and over, pulling feet of paper free. Angrily he wadding the paper, scrubbed his face and threw the towel across the room.


Lance and LeeRoy the WordSong Robot let me do the song choice this week for 100 Word Song. I went to my musical roots and picked “The Stranger” by one of my all time favorite artists Billy Joel’s. The song fits nicely with where the story is right now.







6 comments on “The Stranger Inside

  1. Venus says:

    Fantastic song choice!!! When we see the stranger in ourselves? Definitely the worst. I like his anger display with the paper towels… a very human moment.


    • debseeman says:

      We all have those angry times we lash out at inanimate objects. Usually we want to lash out at someone but know its better not to. I’m glad you felt the emotion of the piece.


  2. Carrie says:

    FYI – your link in the widget at Lance’s place is to last week’s song, the Amused post 🙂

    Love the line “splashed the heat behind his eyes” Great image with that.

    You’ve got some mixed tenses in the last sentences. Simple edits 🙂


  3. t says:

    Thanks for an awesome tune to play with, and a delightful 100 words to accompany it!


  4. k~ says:

    I like the look in the mirror… nice way to go about it.


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