Come Around

Previous installment of Vivid Black – Confronting the Hoard (entire series HERE)


His remarks struck a momentary silence. Quickly mutters and low chatter buzzed through the crowd while the council nervously whispered behind hands as the pitch rose.

Above the mounting rumble, voices called, “Fight with you!” “You’re the crazy one Ray!” and more.

Dejected, Ray appealed to the Mayor with a silent look. Ben waved him to the bench.

“It’s one of a million pieces Ray. When you’re gone, we’ll come around.”

“I don’t know Ben. I don’t know.”

He turned, completing the circle and slowly walked out amid confused support and condemnation, silently praying common sense would overcome the absurdity.


This post that happens immediately follow Ray’s confrontation with the city and council and the inspiration came from LeeRoy’s 100 Word Song. Lance let his sweet daughter choose the song and she chose “Come Around” by Counting Crows. Great choice too.


3 comments on “Come Around

  1. Lance says:

    Love how you used the lyrics – “million pieces” to convey setting and story. Outstanding 100!


  2. Carrie says:

    He’s in an interesting situation. I could definitely sense his hopelessness.


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