I missed another Blog Birthday. Must come with my dread of counting my own.
Here is the post that began it all. A little piece I wrote about my sweet daughter Blossom.
Happy Belated Birthday to Day In and Day Out, er, me, well US!

Day In and Day Out

Blossom is playing basketball this year and it’s her first time playing sports. I watch her with pride and a lot of empathy for the apprehension she has of it being the first time. It’s another step away and yet a step ahead.

I watch her play without “watching” her. She runs up and down the court looking into the stands to see what my reaction is and to see if she needs some “advice”. Most of the time I try to watch her in the periphery of my sight. I can see her but she can’t see that I can see her. She seems to relax a bit when she doesn’t feel like I’m scrutinizing her and getting ready to tell her how to do something. I see her relax and dribble the ball with ease and  begin to watch what’s going on a little better.

It is her…

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