Never the Same

****Previous installment of Vivid Black Whatever

Her sadness wrung out and her features abruptly twisted into anger. She grabbed the door and frame and one foot hit the ground. As she lunged, Henry lost his balance and stood quickly.

“Leave me alone! You have no idea. Just shut up! ”

Henry grabbed her and sat her down.

“Spell it out then. I need to know you’re ok. You were with Max so what should I think? ”

The angry outburst flared suddenly, then withered and dissolved. After a deep breath, her features smoothed under the smudges. Dull eyes stared at him,

“We’re never going back to ok.”


Lance and LeeRoy tapped me this week to pick the song for 100 Word Song and I took the prompt to a place it’s never been before; Christian Pop Rock. I chose “Never Going Back to OK” by the Afters. It’s a great song and fit my ulterior motive of choosing a song that fit with the flow of my story.





After I wrote my piece I took a quick look at Velvet Verbosity and amazingly, her prompt “Breath” was right there in the last paragraph. So another two-for-one.




5 comments on “Never the Same

  1. Nice take on the prompt.


  2. deanabo says:

    I could feel the emotion here. well done.


  3. emptythewell says:

    Nice job combining the prompts!


  4. As a part-time raving maniac, I could feel her emotions as if they were my own. Very nice.


  5. […] ****Previous installment of Vivid Black – Never the Same […]


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