Her boots crunched over leaves, branches and needles. Listening carefully, the sound grew as she refined each step, guided by the whisper, which became a murmur, and built into a babble. She swept the low hanging branches aside to cross into the small meadow.

A sparkle of light reflected on the pool under a waterfall. It tinkled where it trickled down the rocks and clattered insistently where it rushed to the deep quiet.

Backpack shrugged off, she sat on a boulder impatiently peeling off shoes, socks and pants and shirt. No need to investigate, the frigid water would jolt lucidity.


Inspiration for this post came from Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. She chose the word “Sparkle” to inspire us to some beautiful writing.

100 Word Challenge – Week 314 / Sparkle


8 comments on “Lucidity

  1. barbara says:

    brrrrrrr – I understand the need to just GET IN! 🙂 nicely done.


    • debseeman says:

      Seems like that’s the best way when you know what’s ahead. Just dive in. Thanks for stopping by. Always love to have your comments.


  2. deanabo says:

    Terrific! I love the first breath taking jump into the cold water!


  3. Lance says:

    excellent descriptions and like Deana said, that emotion of jumping into water was jolting! great last line.


    • debseeman says:

      After thinking a bit about it, this piece is as much metaphor for where I’m at right, where I’ve been recently, as it is literally about a girl and her sanctuary. It’s time to jump back into life. The water might be frigid and difficult to bear, but the sun could have warmed it and made it soothing and warm. Thanks to you and your lovely bride for shedding a light on it for me. I guess we write what we are right?


  4. yerpirate says:

    Amazing use of ‘sound’ there-I heard every different sound – what great description…!


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