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His face smoothed as the tension melted away. On the other end, Janice continued to rant.

“That damn intern is gone. This is the absolute last straw.”

Henry, restraint forgotten  proclaimed “Jonesie, I could just kiss you.”

morgue table

She leaned against a draped exam table and its cold both shocked and soothed her. Wild gestures punctuated her frustration as she clutched the handful of paperwork. The other hand tightly clamped the phone painfully to her ear.

“Lord give me strength. The incompetence is inexcusable. I’ve been caged up for so long and I need a break. What do you say Henry?”


This week’s music selection for Lance’s 100 Word song is “Strength” from 80s Welsh band, The Alarm. We are back with Henry and Dr. Janice Jones as they resolve the missing paperwork.


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4 comments on “Incompetence

  1. Lance says:

    GREAT use of strength and stitching into the story. More please. I like this story so very much.


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