I am alone; yet enveloped, lovingly, by family, friends, neighbors, community. I am isolated; cut off emotionally. I am lost, drifting; no wind to fill my sails.

I’ve forgotten how to simply be with another, chatting head-to-head, heart-to-heart. I tell myself, “You’re petty, whiny, banal. Who wants that?”

So I melt into the background wounded and maudlin. Yet yearning for a smile, a touch, a word that tells me it’s OK to be petty, whiny, banal.

Then my head tells me, “You’re a fool if you think that’s true.”

I guess I’m just busted.

Matchbox 20 – Hang


Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge this week is: Busted   ~   My song choice for this piece is “Hang” by Matchbox 20



7 comments on “Busted

  1. Lance says:

    Good song and string words to match it with. I hate that fight my mind and heart do because it hurts every time. I really related to this, deb.


    • debseeman says:

      Ironically, the words came first, then I went after the song. Thanks, Lance.


      • Lance says:

        really!? I do that with viv and pauley. everything else, song comes first…except for certain parts of Helene


      • debseeman says:

        I’m about 50/50. Sometimes I’ll hear a song and think that would work well for Vivid Black or this idea in my head. This post has been clogging my brain for a couple of days and when I wrote it today, I wanted a song to go with it. Music=emotion.


  2. deanabo says:

    Sometimes everyone needs that touch and smile to tell you its ok. Great 100!


  3. I like how you guys/gals are matching these to songs. This was such a sad one, but the last line actually felt hopeful to me.


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