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Ray looked up and spun his hand, indicating Henry should come in. Henry swept up the paperwork and crossed the squadroom. When he entered the office he thrust the papers onto the desk, jabbed the results and firmly asserted,

“He works in mining. Mine equipment repair. See? Coal and lube. I’ll get Max to give me the names of the Gauntlet players. If he wants to give me crap, I’ll get a warrant. I won’t back down.”

A shadowed smile and a nod changed him. Ray wore a look of steely determination.

“Get it done Henry. Find this guy. Now.”


This weeks 100 Word Song for Lance and LeeRoy was chosen by yours truly. Selfishly, to move the story along, I chose Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” and we go back to Vivid Black.

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2 comments on “Determination

  1. Lance says:

    Everyone’s raving about your song choice. Thank you. I like “shadowed smile” and juxposition of styles and emotions here. great 100


  2. […] ****Click here for previous installment of Vivid Black –> Determination […]


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