Knock Knock

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He didn’t just knock. His balled up fist pounded on the door twice.

“Max! Now!”

Turning his back to the door, he raised his head to search for the patience he lost months ago. He had to to exhaust all leads and this one lead him back to Max.


Hands on his belt, he swiveled around, fist curled, and five sharp thumps rattled the door enough to entice the curtains of neighboring units to flutter and divide, eyes and fingertips peeking in between.

He growl louder, with more malice, “Max!”

Sounds of rustling inside the apartment were punctuated by a loud thud and a muffled “Dammit!” while the lock rattled and the knob finally jangled and twisted as Max opened the door.

“Damn Waters. You’re gonna get me evicted.”

“Shut up Max.”

Henry stalked through the door as Max swung it shut behind him. Pivoting around he looked at Max and started talking before he had a chance to continue whining and complaining.

“I need your Gauntlet player lists.”

Raising an open palm to the silent fish mouth attempt to dispute, he continued,

“No no no, don’t try to make some asinine excuse about why you can’t or shouldn’t. I’ve got enough to take to a judge and I’ll have a warrant. Let’s not waste any time. Just go get ’em Max.”

Miserable and morose, he turned toward the kitchen.

“You want a cup of coffee? A beer? Some water?”

Henry’s eyes bugged as he shot an incredulous look of disbelief at Max. His response was laced with frustrated sarcasm.

“No Max. I didn’t come here to have tea and crumpets with you. I just want the damn information. Go get it now.”

The look sneaked over his shoulder as he slowly shuffled away twitched Henry’s detective radar. With scorn in his voice he taunted,

“Don’t even think about runnin’ again Max. There’s a uniform at the back door.”


I meant to link up with Trifecta this week for their word exhaust. Third definition, as usual 33 to 333 words, as usual:
3a : to consider or discuss (a subject) thoroughly or completely
b : to try out the whole number of <exhausted all the possibilities

Had to have a song about knocking and, well, “I Hear You Knocking” by Dave Edmunds is a great song. I confess, I didn’t know who did it but the guitar riffs are a-maze-ing and worthy of inclusion in a piece where knocking plays an important part.

I didn’t get this written in time so I took my time and used the word and word count to continue with some Vivid Black.

To read the entire Vivid Black series so far, Click HERE.


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