More Revelation-Nuthin’

****Click here for previous installment of Vivid Black –> Shocked Response

Henry’s insides fluttered and lurched. He worked hard to keep euphoria, relief and shock from unwinding.

“Ozzy, he’s not making a joke is he? Come on Cliff.”

He stepped forward, snapped cuffs from belt onto wrists, reciting rights from his well used memory. He handed Lewis off to a sullen glaring Osborn who steered him outside and into the backseat of the car while Henry settled into the driver seat.

Cliff, broke his shocked silence and whimpered, “I didn’t do nuthin’. I found ’em like that.”

Osborn, folded back inside the car turned,

“So, you’re waiving your right to counsel?”


Linking up with My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog where Kath did the song picking this week. She chose a great song, “Galileo” by the Indigo Girls. I peeled out a few lyrics for inspiration for more Vivid Black.

To read the entire Vivid Black series so far, Click HERE.



5 comments on “More Revelation-Nuthin’

  1. k~ says:

    I am going to have to go back and read the whole story now. 🙂


  2. Lance says:

    Intense. I like this scene. His face spoke a 1000 words didn’t it?


  3. […] ****Click here for previous installment of Vivid Black –> More Revelation-Nuthin’ […]


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