The Darkside

****Click here for previous installment of Vivid Black –> More Revelation-Nuthin’

He liked to remember Sarah Jane best. That kill had desired release, plus eliminating Jacoby’s kid, an unexpected rebellion thrill.

He flinched, memories flashed backward. Outside, rain drenched, tiny fist pounded, mommy cackled, bad boyfriend thundered.

I’m giving you 33 words of creepiness to add to Vivid Black. I’m adding an awesome song, “On the Darkside” from one of my favorite movies, “Eddie & The Cruisers.”

To read the entire Vivid Black series so far, Click HERE.

Trifextra: Week Sixty – We are giving you three words and asking that you add another 33 to them to make a complete 36-word response.
Our three words are:
This weekend’s challenge is community-judged. Read. Vote.



14 comments on “The Darkside

  1. barbara says:

    woman!!! You are dark, dark, dark . . . 🙂


  2. Tara R. says:

    That was very chilling. Creepy indeed.


  3. Very disquieting and unsettling.


  4. Draug419 says:

    Whoa, that is creepy… o__O Awesome-creepy, I mean.


    • debseeman says:

      I’m taking a cue from your winning post ;). Seriously, thanks for your comment. I tried to make it creepy. The dude is, after all, a serial killer. eeek!


  5. Chilling I’m off to read the rest 🙂


  6. kymminbarcelona says:

    Wouldn’t want to be on the other side of that door!


  7. Dana says:

    I love the dark side (the song is cool, too)… your entry to this challenges ROCKS!!!
    *bookmarking link to read Vivid Black ASAP*


    • debseeman says:

      Thanks! I love that song. A lot. My 10 year old looks at me like I have three heads if it by chance gets played on the radio. I’m glad you like the post enough to go back and read the rest.


  8. tedstrutz says:

    Loved the last line.


  9. […] ****Click here for previous installment of Vivid Black –> The Darkside […]


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