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The door was closed to Ray’s office.  Henry, seated in the leather sofa matched the sunken, saggy, sad form. They discussed Cliff Lewis’ interview and it was tense and disheartening. Those bits of information put a clear-cut suspect in their radar.

Heavyhearted, Henry pondered, “Can you remember the moment? God, he was barely out of the Academy. Devastated. Dealt a big plate of crap. Didn’t think he’d get over it.”

Outraged, Ray responded bitterly.

“Did you forget that time? He laid Schweitzer out? Devastated is no excuse, and he got over it way to fast.”

“I know. He’s my partner.”


IMG_0382In my “busy-ness” I didn’t write last week. LeeRoy’s song choice for 100 Word Song this week has my brain racing with the potential. Lance made a great choice letting his robot alter-ego do the choosing. Indie Rock Band Free Energy’s song “Free Energy” is really. good.

I’m back with Vivid Black and there’s a lot of stress with Ray and Henry as they got a devastating lead from Cliff Lewis.

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2 comments on “Remembering

  1. Lance says:

    I like the dialogue. I thought I commented this one? you’re missed over at 100 word song. New one went up last night. Hope you write. I like your new haircut.


  2. […] ****Click here for previous installment of Vivid Black –> Remembering […]


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