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The automatic door swooshed open and he walked through mindful of everything. Every wall he built protected what remained of his sanity and his essence. He keyed in the code to enter the secure offices then walked the hall to the office shared by the team. All were blind to his disguised awareness.  He saw Lt. Jacoby propped against Henry’s desk reflected in picture framed glass. He attempted to casually continue by, but he was anticipated. Henry stepped out, glanced down at the black Danners and bloused khakis. He fixed a stare and grimly intoned,

“Jerrod. We need to talk.”



Writing more Vivid Black with Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Words #328. Her word this week is “Wall.”

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100 Words #320 – Wall


3 comments on “Walls

  1. Arpy Jonas says:

    This is intriguing! I love the imagery and the feeling of tension or anticipation in the air. Did I get that right?!?!


  2. Yes, you did a great job creating the atmosphere of tension. 🙂


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