The Good and The Bad

She knew Shane had a temper when they met, but she could always talked him out of the bar fights and road rage tantrums before they escalated. He always laughed afterward for getting so irritated.

They married six months ago, and he loved Lucy like his own. Clara kept her job even though Shane made good money at the mine.

Six weeks ago, he turned his rage on her. She went to the ER, and he was remorseful. She told him
“Once is a mistake, twice is a habit. Never again.”

She drifted off knowing tonight’s, fists launched an odyssey.


Faith from Ruin began with the post Running On Empty. Begin at the beginning, and as always, stay tuned for more. I haven’t decided on a title for the story yet, but it will come.

Inspiration for this post comes from Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. The word to inspire is “Odyssey”. The Challenge is as blog hop, so click on the image below to visit the post and read a few other 100 Word entries. Great writers hang out with Velvet.

A little musical enjoyment fitting to the story, “Drive” by Incubus

100 Word Challenge #33

CLICK HERE for 100 Word Challenge #333


8 comments on “The Good and The Bad

  1. […] Last time we found Clara remembering where it all started. Previous post is HERE. […]


  2. Michael says:

    Wow. Phenomenal.


  3. Hope next weeks she is right – never again!


  4. Ugh. Good for her for setting a boundary! I just finished reading an article about a school in Washington that is changing how they deal with student outbursts – with kindness. That followed watching the Patrick Stewart video response to domestic violence that’s been making the Facebook rounds. Both pieces address the need to start considering the source of violence. I think we’ve bought into the myth that it’s all about “control” in a conscious way, and while that may or may not be true for some, it’s more likely it’s an unconscious trauma response.

    Sorry to go off the “writing” path, but I couldn’t help but to think about what I had recently learned when reading this. 😛


  5. debseeman says:

    I think you are right and I do know some fall into it rather unwittingly and are smart enough to get out. I’m married to a 27 year veteran of law enforcement, and I’ve heard it all. Unfortunately, too many are willing to forgive and forget (yeah right!) and go right back to their groveling weeping asshole abusers. (Sorry a bit of a ranting tangent there).


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