Right is Right

Last  “Faith from Ruin” installment — One by One

Lucy skips down the sidewalk swinging her backpack. Clara smiled wishing for her carefree happiness. Reaching across the car she opens the door for her blonde haired, cornflower blue eyed daughter.

“Hey Pumkin! Didja have a good day?”

“Yep! Guess what? They painted hopscotches on the playground! and Millie and me found rocks and played again and again and again. It was so much fun but we wouldn’t let the boys play because boys aren’t good at hopscotch. I’m really really hungry can we go home and get a snack?”

Clara wondered if she was going to come up for air before she finished. “What a fun day! We aren’t going home right now. There’s a snack in the bag on the back seat.”

Lucy reached back and got fruit snacks and a juice box. “Where we goin’ Mommy?”

Before she could answer her iPhone rang and her sister WesLea’s retro Nancy Sinatra behive blonde haired image popped up on the screen. She knew where this would go. She left a voicemail for Wes hoping she would accept her decision to leave. As she pulled away from the curb she hit answer.


“Clara, you are going to bring Lucy to mom’s before you leave. I called Mason and he’ll be there too. I don’t know why you’re doing this anyway. Mom’s heart will be broken and Shane deserves better than you just running away.”

“Wes, really? No. I’m not going to Mom’s. I don’t know why I called. What’s right is right, and Shane has had time to learn.”  She twisted the phone up and muttered “Stupid, stupid, stupid”

“What? Did you say something?”

“Just talking to Luce. No Wes. We’re packed and I’m heading out. Tell mom I love her.”

WesLea’s exaggerated exhale into to phone told Clara she had her jaw clenched and was rolling her eyes.

“Wes. I’m leaving.” and to pacify her “I’ll call as soon as we are ready to stop and let you know where we are.”

“You better! (another exaggerated exhale)  I’ll talk to you later.” and she hung up.

Clara, stopped at a traffic light, looked over at Lucy who was happily chewing her neon gummy snack and slurp sipping her apple juice.

“You ready for an adventure Lucy Moosey?”


Write at the Merge Week 29

I’m writing for Write on Edge’s Write at the Merge, Week 29 prompt.

“This week, we’re offering a photograph — feel free to use any or all of the items in the photo as part of the prompt. And a song, though you get bonus points for working Nancy Sinatra’s fabulous hair into your prompt response.”

I used the iPhone in the photo, the song and some of the lyrics as well as Nancy’s hairdo.


6 comments on “Right is Right

  1. Love the exchange between mother and daughter. Too bad the sister isn’t supportive. Solid write.


  2. The exchange between Lucy and Clara is very natural, sounds just like conversations I’ve had after picking up my kid from school.


  3. I could feel the tension in Clara. She will have to explain things to her daughter and is dreading that. The phone conversation was spot on for family dynamics. Always have to throw the you’re hurting mom guilt in when all else fails


    • debseeman says:

      Yes, she will, but first she has to get away. She’s got a bit more to do before she and Lucy can have the conversation.


  4. […] Last  ”Faith from Ruin” installment — Right is Right […]


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