Charming Lucy

Last  ”Faith from Ruin” installment — Right is Right

“Mommy, how come we aren’t going home?”

Not ready for this, she quietly mulled the possible answers. Saying too much upsets Lucy; too little could elicit infinite “Why?” which she could end in frustration, anger, tears or all three. This had to be kept light, and fun as long as possible.


“Hmm? Sorry. Did you want to play Angry Birds?”

Handing the phone back she hoped changing the subject would put her off a while.

“Not really. I wanted to play with Reagan. Can I?”

Peeking in the rearview she saw determination in Lucy’s eyes and knew she would have to persuade her like a shaman using an oboe to charm a cobra in order to make the child understand.

Intent on the road, she carefully chose simple, meaningful words.

“Remember I said we were going on an adventure?”

“Uh huh.”

“It’s like Rapunzel in Tangled. She had to run away with Flynn. They had lots of adventures. Sometimes scary, sometimes fun. They made new friends and everyone lived happy ever after.”

“Where are going mommy? What about Shane?”

“I don’t know yet baby. We won’t see Shane again.”

Lucy’s head dipped down, her mouth pinched and a her features clouded. “Good. He’s a meanie poopy head.”

Clara bit her cheek to suppress the shocked giggle threatening to escape. She looked in the rearview, “Lucy.”

Lucy looked up, “What?”

“Love you lollipop.”

A smile spread across her face like liquid sunshine, “Love you lemon drop!” Shoulders scrunched, she tipped her head back as her twittering giggle broke the ice and Clara released her laugh.

Lucy’s giggles ended with a dramatic Kindergarten, “ahhhh!” A curious glint twinkled in her eyes as she caught her mothers eyes, “Knock knock!”

“Who’s there?”


“Fence who?”

“Fence I colored the princess!”

Laughter burst uncontrollably, and included generous laugh-tears.

“Lucy, that’s silly! You’re gonna make mommy wreck! PlayAngry Birds. See if you can beat the next level.”

Clara turned the radio on and settled in to drive.


Trifecta: Week Eighty-Seven asks for 33-333 words from the prompt “Charm”, 3rd definition:

CHARM (verb) (3rd definition) 3: to control (an animal) typically by charms (as the playing of music)

Trifecta: Week 87

Trifecta: Week 87


10 comments on “Charming Lucy

  1. lewis cave says:

    Angry birds, what an amazing invention, I am not sure they knew how much they were helping parents but it works.

    I hope they find happiness where ever they are going. Great story


  2. jannatwrites says:

    “Meanie poopy head” – that is so something a five-year-old would say! I had to quit playing Angry Birds because I spent waaaay too much time trying to get three stars on each level.


    • debseeman says:

      Yes. I completely sympathize with you. I do the same thing. I’m on to a different mindless games, but I also like words with friends. Something to challenge my brain instead of my 3 star obsessed ego.


  3. Tara R. says:

    I loved the joke at the end, little kid humor is awesome. The dialogue here was well done, it seemed very natural.


    • debseeman says:

      Five year old kids are the worst knock knock jokesters. Blossom was relentless and awful when she was little. We’d laugh or scratch our heads. Now our five year old granddaughter is going through the bad knock knock jokes phase, so I have lots of material to work with…LOL!


  4. Lance says:

    I like the playful dialogue and the movement between characters. I’m liking this story as much as Vivid Black. more please…in 100 word form


    • debseeman says:

      I’m so happy you are enjoying it. I wanted to get the story rolling steady with larger word limits. 100 Word Song will definitely play a part in the creative process.


  5. […] Last ”Faith from Ruin” installment — Charming Lucy […]


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