Leave it Behind

Lucy carefully stabbed pancake bites, and swirled each in strawberry topping as she chewed the previous forkful. She ate with such pleasure, Clara could almost taste the strawberries and cream.

Fatigue finally caught up and her mind wandered. She’d been losing sleep dreaming about the things that could have been. She’d prayed so hard, but it was useless. She was ready to take her past, burn it then throw it in the river. She had to leave it behind and start over. Determination replaced anger and regret.

Hot bacon and eggs waited. She smiled, worry erased, and hungrily began eating.


IMG_0382_thumb.pngLance and LeeRoy called on me to pick this weeks song for 100 Word Song. I am currently obsessed with Counting Stars and One Republic. Can not get the song out of my head and it was a great fit for this installment of Clara and Lucy’s story.

The last Faith from Ruin post was The Long Road. < Click on the link and catch up if you missed it.



9 comments on “Leave it Behind

  1. Quickstepp says:

    Now I want some pancakes! Nice post!


  2. Tara R. says:

    Yeah, pancakes would be delicious this morning.


  3. Wanted to thank you for the song choice…it inspired me more than expected.


  4. troy P. says:

    No lie – I want to print off that first paragraph, frame it, and hang it on m’wall. Pure art, it is!


  5. […] LastĀ ”Faith from Ruin”Ā post ~Ā Leave it BehindĀ  […]


  6. Lance says:

    great imagery and your song interpretation was so clever


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