Graceful Kindness

Last ”Faith from Ruin” post ~ Three Strikes

They arrive late in the night and the darkness was quiet and deep. She decided to wait until morning to go to St. James, worried a nighttime door knock might alarm the priest. Clara had been careful with the money and decided to spend another night in a motel. The convenience store clerk told her about the Lakeshore Motel, a cheap, clean motel owned by his Aunt and Uncle. He called ahead so they would know she was coming.

Ida Lerner opened the office door where she waited in a tattered yellow terrycloth robe and moccasin style slippers. Burdened with their bags, Clara and Lucy whisked inside by a brisk Autumn wind. Ida’s face bore the grace of happiness crinkles around her gentle eyes. She shuffled behind the counter, looked up at Clara and a smile warmed her face

“Sweetie, you must be exhausted. Let’s just wait to do this in the mornin’ after you’ve had some sleep.”

Clara tried to protest, but Ida, looked away and quickly continued,

“I’ll putcha down at the end where it’s nice ‘n quiet. There’s no neighbors down there an’ you sleep as long as you like. I’ll be here when yer ready.”

She tottered around the counter, pressed the key into Clara’s hand and hugged the robe around herself. Crouching down eye to eye with Lucy in a covert tone, ” You come and see Miss Ida in the mornin’ for cookies and milk.” then glanced up at Clara and winked. Lucy smiled shyly, and hid behind her mother’s arm.

Clara caressed Lucy’s face as she nuzzled her elbow, hoisted their bags, and smiling, “Thanks, Mrs…..”

“Ida dear. Just call me Ida.”

“Thanks, and goodnight Ida.”

Ida ushered the pair outside, and locked up. They wobbled to the last door and turned the key to a quaint clean room with two beds. She dropped the duffles on the floor.

Lucy tucked in, she whispered, “Our dreams are on the way baby,” wiped blurry tears and fell asleep.


Trifextra: Week 93

Trifextra: Week 93

Inspiration for today’s piece was drawn from Trifecta Week Ninety-three. The word this week is GRACE. As always, third definition :

3)  a : a charming or attractive trait or characteristic
: a pleasing appearance or effect : charm <all the grace of youth — John Buchan>
: ease and suppleness of movement or bearing

Click the badge there on the left and go read some of the other submissions. There are some great writers who participate in this weekly challenge.

Inspiration also from an awesome song by Simon & Garfunkel “Bridge Over Troubled Water”


8 comments on “Graceful Kindness

  1. Lance says:

    Brilliant first paragraph. Well crafted. I liked the minimalist dialogue here. There’s not a lot to say but a lot going on.

    well done


  2. Valerie says:

    “The grace of happiness crinkles”
    Oh, I love that! The world needs more Ida’s.
    This was really and truly a lovely piece of writing!


  3. Draug419 says:

    What a nice innkeep. There never seem to be enough of those.


  4. […] ”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Graceful Kindness […]


  5. piperpunches says:

    Miss Ida made me feel safe and relaxed. Great job creating the atmosphere. Happy I had the opportunity to stop by tonight.


  6. jannatwrites says:

    I like Ida. I feel like she will take good care of them during their stay. (And cookies and milk for breakfast? Sign me up for that!)


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