Facets of Love

royaldiamondI’m awestruck by the glint of your blinding rainbow. Sparkles radiate from within the cut of your crystal heart, dazzling my senses. The delicate allure is concealed in sharp corners and jagged edges.


Trifextra: Week 85

Trifextra: Week 85

Trifecta’s weekend challenge Trifextra nearly stumped me. Here is what they gave us:

This week we are taking you, once again, back to school for a lesson in literary devices.  Remember the apostrophe?  About.com defines apostrophe as, “A figure of speech in which some absent or nonexistent person or thing is addressed as if present and capable of understanding.”  That same site provides some excellent examples of apostrophes in classical literature. Check them out and then have a crack at it yourself.  Give us your best 33-word example of an apostrophe.

I read a few submissions and was still confused. Then I finally click on the link provided and actually read the explanation and examples and I got it and and idea came pretty quickly. The music? Well, it’s just good, and perfect for this post.


10 comments on “Facets of Love

  1. Love the extremes in this piece.


  2. jannatwrites says:

    I really like that last line!


  3. MOV says:

    I want a ring like that! ha!

    nice piece.



  4. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend ?? …


  5. Lance says:

    Love the response to the prompt. Very fun.


  6. Tara R. says:

    Pretty… amazing the affect a shiny bobble can make.


  7. atrm61 says:

    How romantic!Love it!


  8. I love that it can be a ring or love itself. Thanks for linking up!


  9. Quickstepp says:

    I want a ring! Dammit…


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