Guardian Angels

 ”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Simply Complex

Her time at the church praying and going to Confession put Clara in a calm, peaceful state. She quietly drove back to the motel reflecting on her afternoon.

The little brass bell tinkled brightly as she entered the lobby of the Lakeshore. Through the door leading to the owners residence, Ida called, “Back here honey, Lucy and I are bakin’ some goodies.” Clara walked through the door and the warm yeasty fragrance of homemade bread and the spicy sweetness of the cookies cooling on the counter greeted her. Lucy sat on a high stool at the counter munching happily on a warm treat.

“Mommy! I got to help Miss Ida, she even let me chop, what are these called Miss Ida?”

She smiled warmly , “Apricots dear.”

“Yeah, apricots, and I put cookies on the pan and they are, what kinda cookies are these?”

Ida’s eyes twinkled  as she laughed, “Oatmeal Apricot cookies.”

“Yeah, Oatmeal. Apricot Cookies and they are so delicious with milk Mommy!”

Clara couldn’t suppress the hearty laugh as she listened to Lucy’s unbridled glee and breathless enthusiasm. “Oh Lucy, I love you, you silly girl.” She grabbed her and covered her in kisses while she tickled her. Lucy squirmed and giggled “Stop Mommy stop!”

With a flour sack towel in her hand resting on her hip, Ida watched the mother and daughter laughter and delight.

The outside door swung open and cold air mixed with the smells of fresh baked goods and an older gentleman quickly walked into the kitchen.

“That dern wind is getting cold. We just might get a hard freeze tonight.” He looked up at Clara and Lucy strode over and extended a hand, “Frank Lerner. You must be Clara. Lucy an’ Ida been bakin’ up a storm today.”

As he tugged his large hands through the sleeves of his coat he quizzed his wife, “Ida, you make enough to feed these two supper?”

She pursed her lips and flipped the towel at him, “Oh you know I did you silly man. Clara, you two eat with us tonight. On Franks orders I have prepared a feast. We are happy to have you.”

Clara, thinking to herself ‘what did I do to deserve these guardian angels,’ quickly decided there was no point in turning them down, “We would love to. It’s been a while since we had a home cooked meal.”

Clara and Lucy set the table with the tableware and linens Ida retrieved from the buffet. Ida and Clara loaded the table with serving plates and dishes of pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy and fresh Iowa sweet corn. They all took their places and Frank began the table grace,

“Name of the Father, an’ the Son an’ the Holy Ghost.” Clara looked up surprised not expecting a shared faith. The rest joined naturally,  “Bless us O Lord and these they gifts, which we are about to receive, from they bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen.”

Frank winked at his wife, “Pass me the potatoes woman!”


Inspiration for this installment came from Write on Edge’s Write on the Merge prompt and they gave us 500 words to work with. The two pictures below were given as inspiration and I used both to add to Ida’s character and introduce Frank to the story.

Write at the Merge Week 39



7 comments on “Guardian Angels

  1. Lance says:

    I love the dialogue. There’s a lot of craft going on here.


    • debseeman says:

      Thanks Lance. I had to write this one before I could write something for 100 Word Song. It segue’s into what I wanted to write for you. 🙂


  2. Mandy says:

    Such a homey scene. I love the way the food becomes a character in the story, underlining the sensory memories of home.


  3. […] ”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Guardian Angels […]


  4. Cameron says:

    Frank is a fantastic character, so much wit and warmth in so few words. Love him!


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