Be Happy

”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Guardian Angels

Supper, hearty and bountiful finished, they shared hugs and good nights with the Lerners’ and walked to their room. Lucy grabbed the remote and clicked the TV.

“Luce, it’s late need to get ready for bed.”

“Aww mom!”

Clara’s small smile and sideways look exposed the mischief brewing, “Aww mom? What did you say? Aww mom? I’ll show you aww mom!”

She grabbed her daughter, rolled onto the bed with her, exposing her baby soft belly, “Lovebuzz!” and blew a loud zerbert to gales of uncontrollable wiggling and laughter.

She smiled again, “You ready for bed? or you want more?.”


IMG_0382_thumb.pngLeeRoy over at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog chose this weeks song in honor of his robot brother Lance’s discovery of Nirvana 24 years ago. The song he picked was “Love Buzz” and you can click over and give it a listen.

Clara and Lucy are beginning to feel happiness especially in this moment of silliness. Don’t Worry be Happy is a favorite smiling go to song for me. I can’t help but tap my toes and sing along.



3 comments on “Be Happy

  1. Tara R. says:

    This was great. It brought back memories of giving my kids zerberts when they were little.


  2. Quickstepp says:

    Super cute take on the prompt! Made me smile!


  3. […] ”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Be Happy […]


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