”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Be Happy

In spite of the cool room, Lucy sprawled across her bed out of the covers, her hair, sweat-sodden by her charcoal hot sleep.Clara lay in her bed watching her daughter’s chest rise and fall in peaceful sleep.

Eyes prickled with tears, that gently crept over her nose and down her cheek dampened the pillow. She mourned the loss of normal for Lucy and bore anger and shame for choices which led them into an unstable, uncharted new life.

Light switched off, rosary in hand and quickly fell into a rare, deep sleep.


100 Word Challenge #353

100 Word Challenge #353

Velvet Verbosity gave us the word “Rare”. After an extended absence for inventory replenishment in the home business variety as well as the personal internal type, and a short vacation to visit my Texas son I’m back, rusty and slow. Taking up where I left Clara and Lucy as they try to begin again.

Big Head Todd’s Bittersweet played in my mind while writing and the lyrics fit Clara’s bittersweet worry for Lucy.


3 comments on “Bittersweet

  1. […] ”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Bittersweet […]


  2. A little edit – hyphenate “sweat-sodden”. It will flow better.

    Also, so familiar, that mourning the loss of normal.


    • debseeman says:

      Thanks for the edit suggestion. Got it changed.

      Unfortunately, I think the loss of normal is familiar to most of us at some point.


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