Hope Disappeared

”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Bittersweet

When Clara met Shane, he was little off track. The year off college was meant to refocus his goals, but he never went back. She met him in a bar where he was a regular. He had a table in the back and with a tip of his head, the bartender delivered her a copy of her Chardonnay with a wet napkin and a nod toward Shane’s table.  His allure was like magic. She easily coasted into him. His embrace plunged them downward.

Hope kept her there until all she wanted to do was disappear.


Above and Below

Above and Below

Flexing my writers muscles,I’m headed back to various prompts and 100 Word Song is one of my favorites.  Sharing a love of music with the creator, Sir Lance makes it a natural choice for me. I got all confused and originally clicked on the wrong post where he wrote with the song “Welcome to the Boomtown”. It is one of the best one hit wonders. Ever. Such a shame too because it was worthy of so much more from this duo. So I wrote to that song. Then I clicked over and saw my error. Found the REAL 100 Word Song choice was “Above & Below” by Bravery, which I found I really like lyrically and musically. With a little work I was able to rework this piece and include it into the story. So you get a twofer!

Boomtown fit Shane well with his drinking, abusive yet charismatic guy who pulled Clara into his orbit. Above and Below fit Clara for the last line.


2 comments on “Hope Disappeared

  1. […] ”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Hope Disappeared […]


  2. Lance says:

    excellent writing

    You’re right the song did fit his characteristics. well done, welcome back my friend


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