The familiar comfort of Frank’s faux-leather recliner rocked and lulled while the TV blathered through the drowsy fog. Endless late hours finally caught up to her. Stress, worry and insomnia conspired against a good night of sleep. She pushed info on the remote; 12:37 a.m. Clara shut the TV and lights off and stumbled to the bathroom for a hot soak, and a little bit of “The Girl….” to soothe her into sleep.

She was running on empty. Trying not to confuse rearviews with sunrises.

Sinking into the steamy heat, head back, eyes closed, hand and kindle dangled.

“Tomorrow. Tomorrow.”


Last time with ”Faith from Ruin”  ~ Misplaced Hope

One year ago I began this story with a song, “Running on Empty” by Jackson Browne. This week 100 Word Song had the same song chosen as a prompt. Maybe this is chapter Two. I still love this song and Jackson Browne. I close my eyes and feel 16 again.



5 comments on “Tomorrow

  1. […] Last time with ”Faith from Ruin” ~ Tomorrow […]


  2. Lance says:

    Oh, I love her emotional state here, it’s so real and gritty. Well done.


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