foggy path

Photo Credit: ienjoysushi – The Pedestrian -Part I- (Ray Bradbury)

Hidden – concealed
but definitely known
lingering, laughing
while unseen.

Deceitful – elusive
the reality undeniable
Where are you hiding?
I know you are there.

Come out – be revealed
the mystery is perceived
the reality is known
Release the fear

and soar in the truth.


This is a companion piece, and the final in three poems. The first is Shift and the second, Stink.

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2 comments on “Sneak

  1. I read all three in sequence and see the connection between the three. Shifting personality, back and forth between a negative and positive and finally a reveal or revelation depending on the the point of view. Not your usual subject matter but you went into that lesser traveled area of your thoughts and produced three very precise poems.


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