Tebow: Let’s Get Real

Tim Tebow is a great guy.

Tim Tebow is a good football player.

Tim Tebow is a Christian.

Tim Tebow is a wonderful role model.

Tim Tebow is not a religion, and that’s where my problem lies with all the Tebow hype. The fervor surrounding this young man is bordering on cult like. When we started calling kneeling in prayer as “Tebow-ing” and referring to his accomplishments in one game as “Tebow 3:16″ we are mangling Christian beliefs and putting importance on a man and taking it away from God. People are defending any criticism of him as if he is being attacked for his beliefs and those criticizing him are being ridiculed and judged harshly because of their criticism. Seems a bit hypocritical to me.

Let’s get real. Tim Tebow is a man who happens to be a good football player. Believing God is intervening because it’s Tim Tebow or that Tebow is a special football player because he believes in Jesus Christ is distorted thinking. It’s true; he is blessed. Blessed with talent, but so are the other 95 quarterbacks and the other 1600 position players in the NFL, some more than others, but blessed nonetheless.

Looking back over the years there have been other players and teams who have accomplished seemingly impossible odds to achieve greatness. Kurt Warner comes to my mind. He played good college ball but did not get drafted into the NFL. He went home and to stock groceries in a Hy-Vee grocery store (my favorite grocery store by the way). He turned to arena football and played there for three years before he was signed to the St. Louis Rams in 1998 where he did amazing things. On his Wikipedia page, he says he had a religious conversion in 1997, but his conversion was never attributed to his rise and prominence in the league.

Over the course of this season, my favorite team, The Denver Broncos, have managed to make it to the playoffs. AS A TEAM. Tim Tebow didn’t and couldn’t do it all by himself. No really! He couldn’t! I had my doubts and voiced them early in the season when everyone was shouting and stomping about Kyle Orton being the starter. Tebow was not being heralded as a good player because he was a good play. He was being heralded as a good player because he is a Christian and believes in Jesus Christ. His record and his abilities were a side note to every argument and reason given.

My belief is in the team as a whole to do what they can do as a team. Yes. I have rooted against them because I didn’t have confidence in Tebow as a long-term quarterback for the team. He made a lot of mistakes and lacked his own confidence. He committed 19 turnovers and completed 46.5% of his passes. PLEASE go compare his full stats against the other playoff QB’s in the league. I had cause to be skeptical. Their best chance if he was not that QB was for them to lose so they could cut their losses and have good positioning in the draft.

Click pic for ESPN stats

Compared to:

Click pic for ESPN stats

If Tebow continues to do good and proves my skepticism wrong, then great! But it didn’t have anything to do with God. It had to do with his ability as a player at the NFL level. He has a lot of room to improve and grow and he’s incredibly lucky to be able to work under one of the true great quarterbacks, John Elway. I’m still a Bronco girl. I’ve been a fan going back to when you had to wear a bag over your head to be a fan of the team. I love my team and I’m proud of their accomplishments as a team.

Watching the rest of the season is going to be hair pulling, frustrating, exciting and hopefully rewarding but it could be all that and disappointing if they lose. Just like every other year they have made the playoffs and caused us, the fans, to gnash our teeth and gain grey hairs watching them.

Let’s Go Broncos! Let’s Go!

Can you spare some CHANGE?

This post is a bit of a rant, or a scolding, or something to make you think. My facebook wall has exploded with complaints, threats, whining and pouting since the new layout/design started rolling out. I don’t mind the changes. It’s something different to get use to, but don’t we all have to change from time to time? Come on! Change doesn’t have to be bad does it?


“I don’t like the new facebook!” “My facebook is broken!” “I want my old facebook back!” “I hate the new facebook!” (actual posts from my wall) If these sort of frustrations had prevented or stagnated the evolution of other things over the course of their existence, many of our conveniences wouldn’t be quite as  as comfy or desirable as they are right now. What if a rebellion over the invention of the car had been successful by those who wanted to keep the horse and buggy/wagon as the primary form of transportation?


What if cars were the same as when the first modern automobile became widely available? We wouldn’t be able to start the car with a key, there would be solid (not inflatable or rubber) tires, no windshield wipers. There wouldn’t be the comfy seats we sit in when we drive and no safety belts for drivers or passengers, no heat and no air conditioning. Go ahead. Look up the evolution of the modern car.  A whole lot of people with a whole lot of ideas, ever changing and ever improving  “drove” us down the road to the car you drive today.

I’m watching a flat screen, hi-definition wide screen television. Sure wish I had that original TV. You know. The one with one channel, black and white and only had programming for a few hours a day? Man it would be so awesome if those nay sayers had been successful!  Wait. Maybe that’s not such a good example.

Think about the transformation your favorite devices have made from their inception to what they are right now. Think about things that are a part of your everyday life. How different would it be  if you either didn’t have them or had to have them forever the way the were when they were originally introduced to the public.




Cook stoves

Music players  

Video players




There are so many more from my shoes to the bed I sleep in at night. I don’t think anyone wants to “go back” and give up the progress. There have been failures and successes and humanity has adapted to the change. Everyone has had a bad initial reaction to something new or a change in something they have become comfortable or accustomed to, but in hindsight ask themselves “What was I so worried/afraid about?”

So. . . . . how about that new facebook?