Without a Trace

The envelope’s shredded remains littered the counter. Finger tapping lips, she contemplated a plan. Tossing the paper she hobbled on tired, pain-riddled feet, scooped bathroom items into a bag, then crammed clothes, outerwear and shoes into her time and travel worn suitcase. After the travel agent emailed tickets and reservations she called a taxi. She fled – no note.
Escape accomplished, warmly bundled, she stepped outside the hotel into a snowflakes fluttering, snow covered fantasy under the slate gray skies of North Pole Alaska. Gathering the fur trimmed hood under her chin she shuffled away from Februpocolypse into February bliss.



Writing today for Thin Spiral Notebook’s 100 Word Challenge where this week’s word is “Paper”, and another challenge from a friend to write about changing a dismal February into a dream come true.


A Peculiar Change

Her days wore on. There was sameness, listlessness, and sadness. Each night was exhaled with dark resignation to the sameness and desperation for change.

Mornings began with a soft tune, no jangling BEEPING alarm because sameness and desperation needed gentle beginnings. Rising was a rough shove into the monotony. Coffee, however, warmed and melted edges into soft curves; when eyes are wide open, something unimaginable could be around the corner.

She peeped through her slat covered window, a spectator as a flock of prairie chickens ran and slid down the neighbors snowy hill. A peculiar sight. Scenery unexpectedly changed.

Prairie Chickens-edit


#IamWriting! Thin Spiral Notebook is the new host for 100 Word Challenge and this week and this prompt is her first prompt. The word this week is “Peculiar”. After an extended hibernation,  I convinced my muse to take a peek and she was wonderfully intrigued!

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Little Lies


The wind moaned through leaning pines, and sideways snow crusted over a landscape already draped in invisibly layered ice. The air sharp and breath-taking bowed swaying branches fighting to keep the leaves of Summer. A hunched gray squirrel perched in the cold clinging tightly to one high branch. What brought this daring venturer out on a day when he should be in a long deep rest, curled within the warmth nest made for a long Winter? Was it to shred one last pinecone or a dare from his ne’er do well neighbor bent on thieving a hidden Winter bounty?

Written to the prompt, “perched” from Velvet Verbosity and a bonus, “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac.

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100 Word Challenge #403

100 Word Challenge #403


Psychedelic wildflowers in neon, adorn a hippie-esque hippo given to a sixteen year old. A collection was born. The wild hippo became a Speech Meet mascot, kidnaped, ransomed and protected with squinty suspicious eyes.

The obsession passion, nurtured and propagated with Indiana Jones-like quests, procuring even more. The sleuth collected primitive tribal, garishly ornate, and saccharine cute hippos; ruggedly handsome, curiously unique, and itty-bitty hippos. Acquisition are celebrated, some with stories; all loved. 2014-05-20 21.45.36
Wide-mouthed wonders heavily populated horizontal surfaces, now are viewed through goggles of dust-free curio glass. The long gone girl smiles. Favorites have escaped and deliberately splashed about.

~*~          ~*~          ~*~

The inspiration is long gone. A plush beanbag hippo, became victim to my young need to display it prominently on the dash of my car. She succumbed to the cruelty of the sun which faded and disintegrated the fabric. Many have followed that small beginning.

Prompt from Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge #379:
This weeks word comes from the last page of The Book Thief: “Collection”

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Running on Empty-Faith From Ruin

Faith from Ruin

The visage looking back was foreign yet familiar. The split lip, swollen right eye showing off colors blending from bright pink to maroon and purple.

Black eye photoshopped

Joining the battered face was the pounding headache from the concussion she knew she’d suffered. She didn’t need prying eyes, opinionated glances or meddling advocates tonight. She reached for the Vicodin from the last ER trip and swallowed two with a handful of water from the bathroom sink tap.

Work took him away and Lucy was in school. A hot shower soothed and relaxed. Drowsy from the Vicodin, she crawled into bed for a needed sleep.


This week Velvet Verbosity gave the word prompt “drowsy” for this weeks 100 Word Challenge.

Jackson Browne, of course. What else could it be with that perfect title for this piece? I’m beginning a new series with this piece. Stay tuned for more . . .

Original Photo by matthewnstoller from flickr, made available through CreativeCommons


Shocked Response

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A head, bearing an egg yolk looking hard hat entered reception.

“You need me?” and he hesitantly slipped through the door.

Henry walked toward the coal and oil smudged figure.

“Cliff Lewis? I’m Detective Henry Waters. This is Deputy Osborn. I’ve got some questions about the Zombie Gauntlet.”

Shocked wide eyes shifted to a stain on the concrete. Rattled, his hands began to shake so he thrust them deep into pockets.

“Wh-wh…what do you want to know?”

Henry, bone-tired, decided to use an ‘all in’ approached.

“Why did you touch their faces?”

“Huh? Well….. I didn’t know if they were dead.”


Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge provided the word “Shake” for inspiration for some creative writing. I decided to go back to Vivid Black and write another 100 words and keep the story moving.

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Who’s Hank?

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Up front Lieutenant Jacoby briefed the squad. Tech found three mine equipment workers who did all the Zombie Gauntlets.

“Obviously Henry’s got the lead. McEwin’s home sick so patrol’s is backing him up. Osborn, your with Henry today.”

Deputy Osborn stood in the back. “We takin’ my squad Hank?’” Muffled guffaws and snickers were heard.

‘Ozzy’ you can put me in the ground, put me six foot down. I ain’t ridin’ in your shit hole patrol car. We’ll taking my car.”

The sarcastic ribbing broke the room into rumbling laughter and comments.

“He’s got a point.”


“Sarge won that one.”



100 Word Song

100 Word Song:
Band Perry/Better Dig Two

I’m back at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog doing the 100 Word Song. This week Lance picked the lovely and talented Deana, aka his wife to chose the song. She chose Better Dig Two by country music group, The Band Perry. Not a country fan, so once again, I’m working with lyrics for inspiration.

So you get some more Vivid Black as we follow Henry’s quest to solve the Zombie Reaper case and we witness what cops do best; sarcasm.

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