A Peculiar Change

Her days wore on. There was sameness, listlessness, and sadness. Each night was exhaled with dark resignation to the sameness and desperation for change.

Mornings began with a soft tune, no jangling BEEPING alarm because sameness and desperation needed gentle beginnings. Rising was a rough shove into the monotony. Coffee, however, warmed and melted edges into soft curves; when eyes are wide open, something unimaginable could be around the corner.

She peeped through her slat covered window, a spectator as a flock of prairie chickens ran and slid down the neighbors snowy hill. A peculiar sight. Scenery unexpectedly changed.

Prairie Chickens-edit


#IamWriting! Thin Spiral Notebook is the new host for 100 Word Challenge and this week and this prompt is her first prompt. The word this week is “Peculiar”. After an extended hibernation,  I convinced my muse to take a peek and she was wonderfully intrigued!

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You shift
Change shapes
Unexpected is expected
A nip, a sip, a tip
call out the shapeshift

Soft – radiant – tender;
smooth, gentle curves
The only edge to be found
a sharp twinkling eye

Bristled – frigid – harsh;
rough jagged edges
Precipitous. Dangerous.
The twinkle replaced by fuzziness
Gentleness unfound

Avoidance, and detachment
thwart most injury
but a wound remains open
to bleed over the pain


Linking up with Velvet Verbosity. Word of the week – “Radiant”

Deconstructing Boxes

Walking out of the building rage roared, like flames devastating what had been her carefully constructed life. The walls fell down in ashen piles, the view clearing. The wall behind her, constructed as protection from all of the garbage dumped on her and into her world, vanished. The wall in front fell away and the sun shone in a blaze of clarity. Emma had both hands on her future. Nothing would ever control her again.

She became divided into “before” and “after” by a visit to Spencer, Guilford and Lee, Attorneys.  Before, she walked into the office with a life dreary and sad but carefully forged as her own. After, she left blasted into something staggering and uncertain yet emboldening. Deciding to donate blood, then learning she didn’t match her parents, hurled her into the discovery and a future she wasn’t sure she wanted. They don’t understand, Emma’s scars are concealed by her skin because they are gouged from the inside. There isn’t a person, family or friend, who understands and she isn’t compelled to explain, so these new people aren’t necessary.

Bursting through the doors, stumbling and stunned by the revelation, Emma’s boxes quickly opened and her stride became sure and confident. These people may not be welcome but they presented clarity and sureness for her future. Before, finishing her degree online seemed endless.  After, Loyola tuition paid, and a journalism degree on the horizon meant the self constructed cubbyhole was in her rear view.

Emma stopped, closed her eyes, raised her face and the breeze blew through her sweeping the weight of the rubble away. Opening her eyes, the sun burned walls away, lighting the trail beyond. Ahead there would be gates, locked and unlocked but  the  trailing dust obscured and faded what lay behind, she knew the ugly past would never prevail.


I’m linking up the newest Emma post with Write on Edge’s Red Writing Hood prompt. I stumbled over this Switchfoot song while looking for another. I love this band and the song fit the direction I want to take Emma and serves as a pivotal moment beautifully! Read the lyrics which are conveniently included underneath the video.

“This week, we asked you to envision “making it big.” So big, in fact, that your great novel is being made into a movie – so, envision the song that would be playing during the pivotal scene of a movie based on your novel . . . once you have the song set, write that scene.

In 300 words.”

Also linking up with Studio 30+ for their prompt “in the clear”. Emma’s new revelation seems to fit this as well since she is now “in the clear” of the baggage of her past.

Can you spare some CHANGE?

This post is a bit of a rant, or a scolding, or something to make you think. My facebook wall has exploded with complaints, threats, whining and pouting since the new layout/design started rolling out. I don’t mind the changes. It’s something different to get use to, but don’t we all have to change from time to time? Come on! Change doesn’t have to be bad does it?


“I don’t like the new facebook!” “My facebook is broken!” “I want my old facebook back!” “I hate the new facebook!” (actual posts from my wall) If these sort of frustrations had prevented or stagnated the evolution of other things over the course of their existence, many of our conveniences wouldn’t be quite as  as comfy or desirable as they are right now. What if a rebellion over the invention of the car had been successful by those who wanted to keep the horse and buggy/wagon as the primary form of transportation?


What if cars were the same as when the first modern automobile became widely available? We wouldn’t be able to start the car with a key, there would be solid (not inflatable or rubber) tires, no windshield wipers. There wouldn’t be the comfy seats we sit in when we drive and no safety belts for drivers or passengers, no heat and no air conditioning. Go ahead. Look up the evolution of the modern car.  A whole lot of people with a whole lot of ideas, ever changing and ever improving  “drove” us down the road to the car you drive today.

I’m watching a flat screen, hi-definition wide screen television. Sure wish I had that original TV. You know. The one with one channel, black and white and only had programming for a few hours a day? Man it would be so awesome if those nay sayers had been successful!  Wait. Maybe that’s not such a good example.

Think about the transformation your favorite devices have made from their inception to what they are right now. Think about things that are a part of your everyday life. How different would it be  if you either didn’t have them or had to have them forever the way the were when they were originally introduced to the public.




Cook stoves

Music players  

Video players




There are so many more from my shoes to the bed I sleep in at night. I don’t think anyone wants to “go back” and give up the progress. There have been failures and successes and humanity has adapted to the change. Everyone has had a bad initial reaction to something new or a change in something they have become comfortable or accustomed to, but in hindsight ask themselves “What was I so worried/afraid about?”

So. . . . . how about that new facebook?