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He was baffled by Dr. Jones suggestion. (What’d she say?) Henry dismissing his perplexity. It seemed like a good day to burn a bridge so he responded, “Uh, I don’t think so. Can you get that trace info on my desk?”

“Mmm, sure. Something else going on?”

It looked suspicious using church as a reason to turn down drinks with a beautiful woman. (Everyone knows I’m Catholic my answer shouldn’t surprise her.)

“It’s Ash Wednesday. I haven’t been to Mass.”

Jones suppressed a snicker.

“OK Henry. Next time I’ll invite Ray and Leta for your protection. I really don’t bite.”


IMG_0382Lance and LeeRoy picked Donnette at My Constant Thoughts to choose the new 100 Word Song. She chose “Beautiful Disaster” by 311, a band I’m not familiar. I decided to write with the lyrics again this week which you can find HERE.



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His face smoothed as the tension melted away. On the other end, Janice continued to rant.

“That damn intern is gone. This is the absolute last straw.”

Henry, restraint forgotten  proclaimed “Jonesie, I could just kiss you.”

morgue table

She leaned against a draped exam table and its cold both shocked and soothed her. Wild gestures punctuated her frustration as she clutched the handful of paperwork. The other hand tightly clamped the phone painfully to her ear.

“Lord give me strength. The incompetence is inexcusable. I’ve been caged up for so long and I need a break. What do you say Henry?”


This week’s music selection for Lance’s 100 Word song is “Strength” from 80s Welsh band, The Alarm. We are back with Henry and Dr. Janice Jones as they resolve the missing paperwork.


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Lost and Found

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“Dammit Jones! Get those files found or I’ve gotta go to Ray with this.”

“Henry, I don’t know what’s going on. Results are in each files. Those sheets had to be removed one by one.”

Henry angrily scrubbed his face. The photos showed an oval black smudge on the right cheek of each victim. The shape was good for a fingerprint. It could be grease, coal dust.  The trace analysis could  ID the killer. The crisis of lost or misplaced paperwork was a cauldron on the verge of boiling over.

He heard paperwork shuffled.

“Wait wait! God… here they are.”


20120820-230907.jpgVelvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge presented the word “Crisis” as inspiration. Trying to resolve the cliffhanger I doubled up with two quick posts so I would get lynched. 🙂

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The Call

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Phone snatched, he dialed the morgue.


“Yeah, Jonesie?”

Don’t call me Jonesie.  ‘Sup?”

“I’m lookin’ over the files. I found something.”


“Where’s the trace analysis from the victims?”

“What? It’s not there?”


TrifectaFor Trifextra Week 53 we have this prompt:

For the weekend prompt we’re asking for exactly 33 words of dialogue. I’m leading you on a bit more with the previous cliffhanger in Vivid Black. Some answers are on the horizon. 🙂

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