Facebook Friends List 101

If you want to see all of the friends you want to see on Facebook all of the time try creating a Friends List.

Follow these instructions with pictures.

In the left column scroll down to the “Friends” section.
Hover next to the name until you see “More
CLICK the +Create List button
Name your List. Then you have the option to add friends from here but it’s easier to add them in the next step. For now, CLICK the blue Create button to finish creating your new list.

Friends List Instructions-1You now have a new list, but it’s empty so let’s add some friends.

CLICK Manage List
CLICK Edit List
CLICK On this List button and
CLICK Friends

This opens a new window with thumbnails of all of your friends.
CLICK (check mark) each person you want in this list
CLICK Finish when you are done

CLICK Manage List Button again

CLICK Chose Update Types from drop down

Decide what you want to see in the feed of your new list. You can leave all the options checked and you will see not only status updates, but photo uploads, game play, pages your friends comment on and like, etc. I chose to only have Status Updates and Photos.

Friends List Instructions-2
To make your new list easier to find, move it up into your Favorites where it will always be visible.
Go to the “Friends” Page again (see the first image)
CLICK the little Pencil next to your new list
A box opens, CLICK the option to Add to Favorites

New lists added to Favorites are always added at the bottom of the list. To rearrange your list

Hover next to your list name and CLICK the pencil
CLICK Rearrange then drag the items up and down the list until you are satisfied with the order, then scroll to the bottom and click DONE.

Friends List Instructions-3

CLICK the +Create List button

Can you spare some CHANGE?

This post is a bit of a rant, or a scolding, or something to make you think. My facebook wall has exploded with complaints, threats, whining and pouting since the new layout/design started rolling out. I don’t mind the changes. It’s something different to get use to, but don’t we all have to change from time to time? Come on! Change doesn’t have to be bad does it?


“I don’t like the new facebook!” “My facebook is broken!” “I want my old facebook back!” “I hate the new facebook!” (actual posts from my wall) If these sort of frustrations had prevented or stagnated the evolution of other things over the course of their existence, many of our conveniences wouldn’t be quite as  as comfy or desirable as they are right now. What if a rebellion over the invention of the car had been successful by those who wanted to keep the horse and buggy/wagon as the primary form of transportation?


What if cars were the same as when the first modern automobile became widely available? We wouldn’t be able to start the car with a key, there would be solid (not inflatable or rubber) tires, no windshield wipers. There wouldn’t be the comfy seats we sit in when we drive and no safety belts for drivers or passengers, no heat and no air conditioning. Go ahead. Look up the evolution of the modern car.  A whole lot of people with a whole lot of ideas, ever changing and ever improving  “drove” us down the road to the car you drive today.

I’m watching a flat screen, hi-definition wide screen television. Sure wish I had that original TV. You know. The one with one channel, black and white and only had programming for a few hours a day? Man it would be so awesome if those nay sayers had been successful!  Wait. Maybe that’s not such a good example.

Think about the transformation your favorite devices have made from their inception to what they are right now. Think about things that are a part of your everyday life. How different would it be  if you either didn’t have them or had to have them forever the way the were when they were originally introduced to the public.




Cook stoves

Music players  

Video players




There are so many more from my shoes to the bed I sleep in at night. I don’t think anyone wants to “go back” and give up the progress. There have been failures and successes and humanity has adapted to the change. Everyone has had a bad initial reaction to something new or a change in something they have become comfortable or accustomed to, but in hindsight ask themselves “What was I so worried/afraid about?”

So. . . . . how about that new facebook?