Fearlessly Dreaming

My mothers heart, captivated by unique and priceless love.

Memories held of  soft, sweet baby hair.

The first born of my wild pack.

Fearlessly dreaming ; his imagination weaves, as fantasy and reality blur.

The sensitive soul is thinly veiled by a tongue in cheek toughness.

A bad ass? He smiles with twinkling eyes, shattering the facade.

A heart full of nobility and passion; unselfish and generous to cohorts and clan.

The devotion to wife and child leave me breathless with pride.

Tender yet constant; blunt yet thoughtful.

He is comfortable and familiar,

This boy.

This man.

My son, Brandon.


Inspired by Memories Captured from Galit Breen at These Little Waves and Allison of Mama Wants This  to create a photo tribute to my eldest, my son Brandon.

Your praise, criticism, corrections and/or suggestions are welcomed and appreciated. I can’t grow if I’m blind to the truth.

Winning the Climb

She’s my first “baby of the family”.

Titleholder for 20 years when she handed it over to Blossom with love and joy.

Memories Captured-Heather

I love her like breathing.

My best friend, confidant, near to my soul as only a daughter can be.

Mommy to Princess and Warrior Girl; Princess and Warrior Girl herself.

A runner, a climber and a 3rd grade teacher.

Tenacious and stubborn, she seeks perfection.

I want to grow up and be like her.

Smiling serenely. Content she’s near. Always.

My baby.

My girl.



Sharing my photo memory at January Memories Captured with Galit at These Little Waves, and Allison at Momma Wants This