Icy Persistence

Shane’s persistence paid off. That and having her cell phone moved to his account when they got married. He’d sincerely meant it when he suggested they would save money by consolidating and Clara readily agreed.

After she moved in, he set up the wifi password on her iPad, laptop and phone and while he had her phone, he installed a phone tracker app, and he found a slick way to hide the icon so she was completely unaware. He hated the way other guys looked at her in “their bar”, The Shooting Star. She always smiled back. He told himself he was keeping her safe.

He never thought she’d run away. His own phone lay on the seat beside him with an address in Spencer Iowa where her phone had been for the past month. When he found she’d left, he spent a few days with emotions swinging ferociously from sadness and grief to anger and violence. He’d tell himself to let her go, it’s what she wanted. Then after a few drinks there was the red anger boiled to the surface. He knew she had replaced him and wanted to find her. Awakened the next morning with a hangover the sadness would return, the last, setting a resolve to find her and fix this.

The Camero idled as he sat in the convenience store parking lot across from The Lakeshore Motel. He keyed the ignition off, opened the door and stepped out. Hands buried in his Levis his breath puffed like frosted clouds. His foot steps echoed on the crusted snow, and he walked with his head bowed low as he walked toward the Motel.


My friend Lauren posted a writing prompt on her Facebook page,
“Footsteps echo on the ice crusted snow
He walks with his head bowed low…”

This post is where those words took me. A new post for Faith from Ruin. Shane has found Clara. What do you suppose he means by resolving to fix this? Hmmmm…. and a little ditty from The Police which is a little creeptastically appropriate for this post.

Misplaced Hope

Shane plugged the address into his Samsung and tossed it onto the Camaro’s leather bucket seat. Calling WesLea’s was a good idea. He knew she’d give Clara up. She was weak and  had a soft spot for him. Of course Clara would eventually reach out to family, and she did.

He’d persuade her, bring her back with  flowers, candy, promises, whatever the hell she wanted. He still thought they were just two fools in love.

He muttered,  “God, I miss the honky tonks. Milk shakes at Dairy Queen, and 7-Eleven’s Doritos.”

580hp roared onto the highway,

“I must be crazy.”


Last time with  ”Faith from Ruin”  ~ All Right

A new installment written with the 100 Word Song prompt at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. The song this week is (Nothing but) Flowers by The Talking Heads. Lots of material to work with in this song.

This installment finds Clara’s sister WesLea is creating issues for Clara consorting with Shane.


(Nothing but) Flowers Talking Heads


Hope Disappeared

”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Bittersweet

When Clara met Shane, he was little off track. The year off college was meant to refocus his goals, but he never went back. She met him in a bar where he was a regular. He had a table in the back and with a tip of his head, the bartender delivered her a copy of her Chardonnay with a wet napkin and a nod toward Shane’s table.  His allure was like magic. She easily coasted into him. His embrace plunged them downward.

Hope kept her there until all she wanted to do was disappear.


Above and Below

Above and Below

Flexing my writers muscles,I’m headed back to various prompts and 100 Word Song is one of my favorites.  Sharing a love of music with the creator, Sir Lance makes it a natural choice for me. I got all confused and originally clicked on the wrong post where he wrote with the song “Welcome to the Boomtown”. It is one of the best one hit wonders. Ever. Such a shame too because it was worthy of so much more from this duo. So I wrote to that song. Then I clicked over and saw my error. Found the REAL 100 Word Song choice was “Above & Below” by Bravery, which I found I really like lyrically and musically. With a little work I was able to rework this piece and include it into the story. So you get a twofer!

Boomtown fit Shane well with his drinking, abusive yet charismatic guy who pulled Clara into his orbit. Above and Below fit Clara for the last line.

The Threat

Last ”Faith from Ruin” installment — Charming Lucy

Nearing five hours driving, Clara stopped for gas. Lucy slept; she pumped. Distracted, she absentmindedly answered her phone before looking.


“Clara what the hell is going on? I’ve been calling and no one is giving me any answers. Where are you?”

“We’re leaving Shane. For good and you KNOW why so stop calling.”

Thumb ready to press “End”, Shane shouted,


Exasperated, “What! What do you want Shane?”

“I know I go hard and I don’t always do what I’m suppose to, but you need to come home Clara. You don’t? I’ll find you. Nobody’s gonna see me coming.”



100 Word Song-Classified

Linking up with Lance and LeeRoy at My Blog Can Beat up Your Blog for the 100 Words Song. Carrie did the choosing this week with “Classified” by Inner Ninja. Not my style of music so I did a lyric search and found some great inspiration there for this installment. I added a different song by a band that, well is awesome, classic, amazing. Pink Floyd’s “Don’t Leave Me Now”. Yes. And the lyric is creepy and stalker-ish and very Shane.

The Good and The Bad

She knew Shane had a temper when they met, but she could always talked him out of the bar fights and road rage tantrums before they escalated. He always laughed afterward for getting so irritated.

They married six months ago, and he loved Lucy like his own. Clara kept her job even though Shane made good money at the mine.

Six weeks ago, he turned his rage on her. She went to the ER, and he was remorseful. She told him
“Once is a mistake, twice is a habit. Never again.”

She drifted off knowing tonight’s, fists launched an odyssey.


Faith from Ruin began with the post Running On Empty. Begin at the beginning, and as always, stay tuned for more. I haven’t decided on a title for the story yet, but it will come.

Inspiration for this post comes from Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. The word to inspire is “Odyssey”. The Challenge is as blog hop, so click on the image below to visit the post and read a few other 100 Word entries. Great writers hang out with Velvet.

A little musical enjoyment fitting to the story, “Drive” by Incubus

100 Word Challenge #33

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