Losing the Light

Mrs. Helen Fitch

Bloggers note: I’m bending the true meaning of this song quite a bit, because a few hours after Lance posted the new challenge, I found out my High School English Comp teacher, Mrs. Fitch died. Since I write, and what she taught me has become the roots she planted, and the first two lines of this song, especially, fit the emotions I’m feeling about the passing of my favorite teacher, who later became a friend.

~ ~ ~

Feels like this old house is falling down because one of the lights has flickered out, can’t be replaced. Warm tears goggling my vision feel like I’m drowning in a river of my tears and pain pricks at my soul.

An ability bestowed and molded, used to express and convey. Lessons far removed but carried deep within, now my essence. The house with a new dark place, blackness where the North Star shone. Your brilliance faded into the dimming of the day, and I know I’m better for your gifts. You encouraged and persuaded me to outshine my own vision.


Lance at “MyBlogCanBeatUpYourBlog” has the 100 Word song prompt and this week a fellow blogger gave him the song “Dimming of the Day” by Richard Thomas and performed by Bonnie Raitt. Here is what I was inspired to write in exactly 100 words.

Winning the Climb

She’s my first “baby of the family”.

Titleholder for 20 years when she handed it over to Blossom with love and joy.

Memories Captured-Heather

I love her like breathing.

My best friend, confidant, near to my soul as only a daughter can be.

Mommy to Princess and Warrior Girl; Princess and Warrior Girl herself.

A runner, a climber and a 3rd grade teacher.

Tenacious and stubborn, she seeks perfection.

I want to grow up and be like her.

Smiling serenely. Content she’s near. Always.

My baby.

My girl.



Sharing my photo memory at January Memories Captured with Galit at These Little Waves, and Allison at Momma Wants This