You shift
Change shapes
Unexpected is expected
A nip, a sip, a tip
call out the shapeshift

Soft – radiant – tender;
smooth, gentle curves
The only edge to be found
a sharp twinkling eye

Bristled – frigid – harsh;
rough jagged edges
Precipitous. Dangerous.
The twinkle replaced by fuzziness
Gentleness unfound

Avoidance, and detachment
thwart most injury
but a wound remains open
to bleed over the pain


Linking up with Velvet Verbosity. Word of the week – “Radiant”

Little Lies


The wind moaned through leaning pines, and sideways snow crusted over a landscape already draped in invisibly layered ice. The air sharp and breath-taking bowed swaying branches fighting to keep the leaves of Summer. A hunched gray squirrel perched in the cold clinging tightly to one high branch. What brought this daring venturer out on a day when he should be in a long deep rest, curled within the warmth nest made for a long Winter? Was it to shred one last pinecone or a dare from his ne’er do well neighbor bent on thieving a hidden Winter bounty?

Written to the prompt, “perched” from Velvet Verbosity and a bonus, “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac.

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100 Word Challenge #403

100 Word Challenge #403


Psychedelic wildflowers in neon, adorn a hippie-esque hippo given to a sixteen year old. A collection was born. The wild hippo became a Speech Meet mascot, kidnaped, ransomed and protected with squinty suspicious eyes.

The obsession passion, nurtured and propagated with Indiana Jones-like quests, procuring even more. The sleuth collected primitive tribal, garishly ornate, and saccharine cute hippos; ruggedly handsome, curiously unique, and itty-bitty hippos. Acquisition are celebrated, some with stories; all loved. 2014-05-20 21.45.36
Wide-mouthed wonders heavily populated horizontal surfaces, now are viewed through goggles of dust-free curio glass. The long gone girl smiles. Favorites have escaped and deliberately splashed about.

~*~          ~*~          ~*~

The inspiration is long gone. A plush beanbag hippo, became victim to my young need to display it prominently on the dash of my car. She succumbed to the cruelty of the sun which faded and disintegrated the fabric. Many have followed that small beginning.

Prompt from Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge #379:
This weeks word comes from the last page of The Book Thief: “Collection”

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All Right

The screen door hit the jam with a loud SMACK as Clara and Ida entered the kitchen. Two little arms,  a pair of bright blue eyes, both open wide, raced into the room.

Lucy’s gleeful “Mommy, mommy!” greeted her mother, and her full speed hug nearly knocked her over.

Clara laughed at the exaggerated emotions and bent down to returned the hug in earnest. “Love you lollipop.”

Lucy’s expression turned sweet and tender as she smoothed hair from her mother’s face. “Love you lemon drop.” Then mischief grew in her eyes. She giggled and kissed Clara SMACK on the mouth.


Last time with  ”Faith from Ruin”  ~ Turning the Corner


I’m writing with Velvet Verbosity this time. She gives us 100 words to use as we please as long as we use her word in the post. This weeks word is “Smack”. Do I get extra credit for using it twice? Added a little music with a great song by Gin Blossoms “As Long as it Matters”. Great lyrics to go with Clara’s new found hope.

100 Word Challenge #372

100 Word Challenge #372


”Faith from Ruin” last time ~ Be Happy

In spite of the cool room, Lucy sprawled across her bed out of the covers, her hair, sweat-sodden by her charcoal hot sleep.Clara lay in her bed watching her daughter’s chest rise and fall in peaceful sleep.

Eyes prickled with tears, that gently crept over her nose and down her cheek dampened the pillow. She mourned the loss of normal for Lucy and bore anger and shame for choices which led them into an unstable, uncharted new life.

Light switched off, rosary in hand and quickly fell into a rare, deep sleep.


100 Word Challenge #353

100 Word Challenge #353

Velvet Verbosity gave us the word “Rare”. After an extended absence for inventory replenishment in the home business variety as well as the personal internal type, and a short vacation to visit my Texas son I’m back, rusty and slow. Taking up where I left Clara and Lucy as they try to begin again.

Big Head Todd’s Bittersweet played in my mind while writing and the lyrics fit Clara’s bittersweet worry for Lucy.

The Good and The Bad

She knew Shane had a temper when they met, but she could always talked him out of the bar fights and road rage tantrums before they escalated. He always laughed afterward for getting so irritated.

They married six months ago, and he loved Lucy like his own. Clara kept her job even though Shane made good money at the mine.

Six weeks ago, he turned his rage on her. She went to the ER, and he was remorseful. She told him
“Once is a mistake, twice is a habit. Never again.”

She drifted off knowing tonight’s, fists launched an odyssey.


Faith from Ruin began with the post Running On Empty. Begin at the beginning, and as always, stay tuned for more. I haven’t decided on a title for the story yet, but it will come.

Inspiration for this post comes from Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word Challenge. The word to inspire is “Odyssey”. The Challenge is as blog hop, so click on the image below to visit the post and read a few other 100 Word entries. Great writers hang out with Velvet.

A little musical enjoyment fitting to the story, “Drive” by Incubus

100 Word Challenge #33

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Running on Empty-Faith From Ruin

Faith from Ruin

The visage looking back was foreign yet familiar. The split lip, swollen right eye showing off colors blending from bright pink to maroon and purple.

Black eye photoshopped

Joining the battered face was the pounding headache from the concussion she knew she’d suffered. She didn’t need prying eyes, opinionated glances or meddling advocates tonight. She reached for the Vicodin from the last ER trip and swallowed two with a handful of water from the bathroom sink tap.

Work took him away and Lucy was in school. A hot shower soothed and relaxed. Drowsy from the Vicodin, she crawled into bed for a needed sleep.


This week Velvet Verbosity gave the word prompt “drowsy” for this weeks 100 Word Challenge.

Jackson Browne, of course. What else could it be with that perfect title for this piece? I’m beginning a new series with this piece. Stay tuned for more . . .

Original Photo by matthewnstoller from flickr, made available through CreativeCommons