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He continued down the hall, “Not right now Henry. Gotta get reports done.”

Henry followed insisting, “Come on Jerrod. This is important.”

Deputy Osborn stepped out, stopping his progress.

“Alright, but LT’s gonna be pissed if I don’t get these done.”

Hand on his shoulder, Henry steered his partner into interrogation, Ray followed and Osborn stood outside.

Three men seated. Adrenalin masked pain and fear.

“Jerrod. It’s over.”

His expression melded and morphed from calculated awareness to cool defiance, then calm resignation. Shoulders squared, he began.

“Henry, I don’t know where I belong. I don’t know where I went wrong.”

Back where most of the story has been created, with Lance’s robot alter-ego LeeRoy and his 100 Word Song. This weeks offering Ho Hey offered perfect lyrics to bring this story to a conclusion. I feel like a parent sending their kid off to college. It’s been the better part of a year from beginning to end. Let me know what you think. Might work a little more and fill in some blanks and make it more complete.


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The automatic door swooshed open and he walked through mindful of everything. Every wall he built protected what remained of his sanity and his essence. He keyed in the code to enter the secure offices then walked the hall to the office shared by the team. All were blind to his disguised awareness.  He saw Lt. Jacoby propped against Henry’s desk reflected in picture framed glass. He attempted to casually continue by, but he was anticipated. Henry stepped out, glanced down at the black Danners and bloused khakis. He fixed a stare and grimly intoned,

“Jerrod. We need to talk.”



Writing more Vivid Black with Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Words #328. Her word this week is “Wall.”

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100 Words #320 – Wall


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The door was closed to Ray’s office.  Henry, seated in the leather sofa matched the sunken, saggy, sad form. They discussed Cliff Lewis’ interview and it was tense and disheartening. Those bits of information put a clear-cut suspect in their radar.

Heavyhearted, Henry pondered, “Can you remember the moment? God, he was barely out of the Academy. Devastated. Dealt a big plate of crap. Didn’t think he’d get over it.”

Outraged, Ray responded bitterly.

“Did you forget that time? He laid Schweitzer out? Devastated is no excuse, and he got over it way to fast.”

“I know. He’s my partner.”


IMG_0382In my “busy-ness” I didn’t write last week. LeeRoy’s song choice for 100 Word Song this week has my brain racing with the potential. Lance made a great choice letting his robot alter-ego do the choosing. Indie Rock Band Free Energy’s song “Free Energy” is really. good.

I’m back with Vivid Black and there’s a lot of stress with Ray and Henry as they got a devastating lead from Cliff Lewis.

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Not Sorry

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Head jerked to escape the vicious, painful memory. Doomed to his life’s chain of events, he leapfrogged to Kimberly. Dead Kimberly. Druggie cheating wife Kimberly.

Then Josh. Dead Josh. Cheating best-friend Josh. Kim, dead from an overdose. Josh, dead at his hands. Remorse didn’t mar the achieved redemption.

He thought “nothing is my fault.”

Head tipped back, eyes closed, smiling, he remembered the release, the satisfaction.

He exhaled, bent over and bloused tactical khaki’s over his Danners. He shrugged into his leather, and slid the shiny star onto his belt.


Vivid Black get’s it’s second post today with Lance and LeeRoy’s 100 Word Song. Dawn at The Dawnie Project chose this weeks song “Sorry For It All” by Dead Sara. I’m sorry to say I’ve never listened to anything from this band, and I’ve really missed out because this is a great song.

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Without a doubt, Cliff Lewis was a tweeker. He constantly scratched and dug. It made Henry and Ray, crawly skinned, prickly and itchy. Lewis had an old injury and couldn’t stab with brutal cruelty like The Zombie Reaper.

Cliff tore at himself, and shared details they didn’t have. He did touch the victims, and saw and heard the killer from behind. Black leather jacket. Black boots and bloused pants.

“Um, he muttered. Cussed. Kept sayin’ stuff like ‘Why him?’ and…well, can I cuss?” Is it misbehavin’ if I cuss?”

Jaw clenching, Ray glared.

“Well, uh he kept droppin’ f-bombs.”


IMG_0383.jpgToday’s installment of Vivid Black is brought to you by the word “misbehavin'” as prompted by Velvet Verbosity’s 100 Word prompt. It’s a blog hop so click the picture over there on the left to go check out some of the other entries.

Of course, if you are going to bring up the word “misbehavin'” the song “Ain’t Misbehavin'” comes straight to mind, so enjoy a little Billie Holiday singing like only Billie could.

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The Darkside

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He liked to remember Sarah Jane best. That kill had desired release, plus eliminating Jacoby’s kid, an unexpected rebellion thrill.

He flinched, memories flashed backward. Outside, rain drenched, tiny fist pounded, mommy cackled, bad boyfriend thundered.

I’m giving you 33 words of creepiness to add to Vivid Black. I’m adding an awesome song, “On the Darkside” from one of my favorite movies, “Eddie & The Cruisers.”

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More Revelation-Nuthin’

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Henry’s insides fluttered and lurched. He worked hard to keep euphoria, relief and shock from unwinding.

“Ozzy, he’s not making a joke is he? Come on Cliff.”

He stepped forward, snapped cuffs from belt onto wrists, reciting rights from his well used memory. He handed Lewis off to a sullen glaring Osborn who steered him outside and into the backseat of the car while Henry settled into the driver seat.

Cliff, broke his shocked silence and whimpered, “I didn’t do nuthin’. I found ’em like that.”

Osborn, folded back inside the car turned,

“So, you’re waiving your right to counsel?”


Linking up with My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog where Kath did the song picking this week. She chose a great song, “Galileo” by the Indigo Girls. I peeled out a few lyrics for inspiration for more Vivid Black.

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